What are the Benefits of Working with a Lien based Doctor?

Working with a lien doctor can be a great way to get a better outcome for your client and your practice. Prior to the 2011 California Howell decision, juries were restricted from considering insurance payouts for medical procedures in their rulings. Following the Howell ruling, however, juries are now able to fully consider the medical cost of a client’s treatment when utilizing a lien-based provider.

This means that instead of seeing only the steeply discounted bills from insurance companies, personal injury attorneys may now submit their client’s lien-based doctor’s bill in full for the jury to consider in their verdict. This could be a huge win for medical practices, attorneys, and clients alike as they are often able to negotiate higher, fairer settlements than otherwise provided by insurance.

Access High Rise Financial’s Network of Trusted Lien Doctors

When you work with a lien-based provider, you not only help increase the settlement amount of your client’s case, but you give your clients with limited to no-insurance the medical care they deserve. Connect your client with the healthcare services they need using High Rise Financial’s broad network of doctors, including neurosurgeons, orthopedic, pain management specialists, podiatrists, neurologists, oral and plastic surgeons.

Our all-inclusive customer service team will help connect you with our network of surgeons, and we can also assist with providing the funding for surgery center and hospital fees! We work directly with lien-based providers on your behalf – and do not charge your firm any fees – so you can focus on what matters most: arranging the highest settlement for your client.