Lawsuit Loans Carry Risk Compared to Lawsuit Funding which Don’t

How does one know which company to select when attempting to get cash for your legal claim or personal injury lawsuit? It can seem confusing or even sound like a lawsuit loan company is offering the same benefits and risk or terms as a reputable pre-settlement legal funding company like High Rise Financial. However, a lawsuit loan or cash advance is not the same thing as lawsuit funding that comes from a lawsuit funding company. Why? A lawsuit loan carries a risk to the borrower. It must be paid back to the lender regardless of the outcome of your case.

With High Rise Financial, a legal funding company and not a lawsuit loan company, there is no risk for our clients. We provide cash funding to our clients on a non-recourse basis. What exactly does this mean? It means that if you win your case, you must pay us back. However, if you lose your claim or it is unsuccessful for any reason, you do not need to pay us back. High Rise Financial in essence carries all of the burden and risk when determining to accept an applicant’s request for legal funding for his or her case.

Also, lawsuit loan agreements can be complicated and contain language one might not fully understand and the terms of responsibility of payment can leave one guessing. High Rise Financial skips through all of that and assesses your qualification for legal cash funding based on the merits of your legal claim, after speaking with you and your attorney. Find out more of the benefits of choosing a reputable legal funding company like High Rise Financial today. We are located in California but provide funding to plaintiffs of personal injury accidents throughout the US.