Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Funding: The Lawsuit Loan & Cash Advance Alternative

You may ask yourself what exactly is pre-settlement lawsuit funding. Terms like legal funding, cash funding, funding for your lawsuit float the internet. What is important is the credentials and obligations of your lender. For instance, legal funding companies like High Rise Financial offer legal cash funding for your legal case, based on the facts of your case and if you have retained counsel or an attorney. We fund legal cases involving automobile accidents, slip and falls, dog bites, construction accidents, medical malpractice and product liability. Unlike a lawsuit loan or cash advance, which some lenders offer, pre-settlement lawsuit funding is more reliable and less contingent.

Lawsuit loan contracts are complex and typically not straight forward. They also require a credit report and check, and some review of your personal bank accounts. High Rise Financial does not operate like lawsuit loan companies, but a professional pre-settlement and post-settlement legal funder.

Contact our team of specialists to apply for funding for your personal injury lawsuit or case today. Our underwriters evaluate your case and make a swift determination as to whether you qualify. The application is fast and simple.

Why Choose High Rise Financial To Fund Your Legal Claim

High Rise Financial offers legal cash funding to accident victims in California. Our team offers the resources and financial aid needed to pursue your legal claim, case or lawsuit while you obtain medical treatment and pay your expenses and bills. It also enables you to pursue your case to the fullest extent possible with the guidance and help of your attorney, without needing to accept a lower settlement offer from the insurance company. We fund cases involving personal injury stemming from car accidents, construction accidents, defective medical devices, medical malpractice, motorcycle accidents and more.

The benefits are obvious. Obtain the financial security to keep your claim ongoing for the highest possible settlement and be able to live and obtain medical treatment and care to recover from your accident injuries. Similar to a lawsuit loan, cash funding for your legal claim is advanced to you. It only needs to be repaid if you are successful in your case and there is some sort of financial recovery or settlement.

Call High Rise Financial today to obtain pre-settlement legal funding. The application is quick and the response time is immediate, typically within 24 hours.

How Legal Funding Works

If you are obtaining legal funding for your lawsuit before your case has settled, the process begins with your application to the legal funding company which is the first step. When you apply to High Rise Financial, you provide us with some information about your case, injuries and your attorney’s contact information. Our team of underwriters discuss your case with your attorney and review documentation when making an evaluation as to whether your case qualifies for what is typically thought of as a lawsuit loan or cash advance but is really cash funding.

We typically respond to all requests after doing the above steps and provide an answer as to whether you qualify within 24 hours after submission of the application. If your claim qualifies, we issue the funds immediately.

The next step involves your lawyer and our team. High Rise Financial is not involved with legal decisions such as whether to settle your case or for how much. We are informed once a settlement is reached and the amount. We are then repaid from your settlement in addition to interest.

Contact us to learn more information. The application process is simple and easy.

Can I Sue for Pain and Suffering?

A victim of any personal injury accident can generally sue for pain and suffering money damages. Of course, the amount that will be considered or awarded is directly dependent on the severity of their injuries and the significant of the incident. Someone that trips and scrapes their knee does not have the same allocation for pain and suffering as someone who suffered third degree burns as a result of a defective product which would fall under product liability.

These distinctions are key. Almost every type of case qualifies for pain and suffering, with one exception: that is worker’s compensation claims. If you were injured in an accident while at work for your employer- then you cannot sue your employer for pain, suffering or disability.

What types of Accidents and Injuries Qualify for Pain and Suffering Damages?

Car accidents, medical malpractice cases, pedestrian accidents, slip and falls, product liability, dog bites, construction accidents, nursing home negligence, defective medical devices and other similar cases qualifies for pain and suffering damages. Injuries that would have a high dollar or monetary value on it for pain and suffering would probably include burn injuries, orthopedic injuries, spinal cord injuries or severe injuries to the brain, any type of injury requiring surgery to recover, as well as broken bones and fractures, amputations, and paralysis (paraplegia and quadraplegia).

Minor or less severe injuries would still warrant some compensation for pain and suffering- because even if you did not fall through a skylight on a construction job- you still had some suffering as a result of that rear-ended car accident (even with minor property damage). Leave it to your attorney to fight for you to obtain as much of a recovery as possible for your injuries, treatment and the impact of the accident on your life and well-being.

Cash Funding for Legal Personal Injury Cases Taken to Litigation

If you have a current or pending personal injury case that involves medical malpractice, a construction accident, an automobile accident, a dog bite attack, slip and fall or premises liability cause of action, or anything related to a negligent third party causing you a direct injury and harm, your case may qualify for legal cash funding that is similar to a lawsuit loan or cash advance. Cases that are litigated typically take many months to years to resolve (anywhere from 6 months up to 2 years). The increasing cost of litigation and burden of prosecuting your case makes a potential settlement distant and in the far future.

Victims of personal injury accidents who suffer serious injuries like paralysis, burns, broken bones, amputations, orthopedic injuries and more may not have the time or ability to wait to receive their settlement to continue living their daily lives and affording their daily expenses. When a car accident is involved, often times our clients have many fees and expenses to pay and they cannot afford to wait for the insurance company to give in or make a low offer or settlement. In these situations, pre-settlement lawsuit funding makes a lot of sense- especially when the case has a significant potential settlement recovery.

Cash funding for a lawsuit is a popular and convenient option. It allows you a break from stress and worry about how to support your family or loved ones through times of desperation and difficulty, especially where the injuries are life-altering and even permanent. Consider settlement cash lawsuit funding for your case. You can let your attorney know you are interested. We at High Rise Financial will work hand in hand with your attorney of record or law firm to determine whether the facts of your case qualify for a cash loan or funding. Our team of specialists at High Rise are at your disposal with one phone call to (310) 876-8086.

Good Advice to Follow after a Car Accident that was NOT your Fault

Here are some tips (non-legal) but helpful when navigating your options while pursuing a claim for your car accident case against the negligent party or other driver’s insurance company:

  • Seek immediate medical attention especially if you have sustained or suffered serious injuries. Even minor injuries should be looked at by a professional medical provider or doctor. When the injuries are more severe, sometimes an ambulance must be called and a visit to the emergency room is warranted.
  • If you or a loved one sustained significant injury for example in a DUI automobile case where the other driver was under the influence, or if your car was totalled, or if something more disastrous resulted, you may want to contact an attorney to represent you in your legal case.
  • Once your attorney has filed a claim against the other party’s insurance company (assuming he or she had valid and proper insurance coverage), then the hard work begins on your case.
  • After progress is made, if you are in need of a lawsuit loan or cash advance, you may be interested in legal lawsuit funding which is available through us at High Rise Financial. The process is simple. Your attorney would help facilitate the information and collection of facts necessary for our team to determine whether your case qualifies for settlement funding. The only requirement is that you have an attorney or law firm represent you in your claim.
  • Once our team makes an evaluation, you will be informed as to whether you qualify for pre-settlement cash funding or post-settlement funding. Post-settlement funding would benefit you if for example you are in urgent need of money, your case has settled but there are delays in receiving the payment from the insurance company.

Click here if you are an attorney looking for more information regarding the cash legal funding we provide.

Steps in Filing Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

Here is a breakdown, in steps, you will take when filing almost any type of personal injury lawsuit:

1. Hire an attorney.

2. Your attorney’s office will advise you regarding your medical treatment and what doctors you must see for particular injuries. In the meantime, the law firm will obtain insurance information for both you and the defendant driver involved as well as the police report (if available).

3. Once your medical treatment is completed, your medical bills and records will be obtained by your law firm. Also, any medical liens (doctors’ bills that must be repaid upon settlement and are contingent upon settlement) will be in your file at this point.

4. Your attorney will review your entire file, including insurance information, police report, medical bills, medical reports and evaluation of liability when preparing your demand to the insurance company.

5. At that point, the insurance adjuster will begin negotiating with the attorney. The adjuster can also deny or reject the claim or deny coverage for their insured based on information that was not available to your attorney before.

6. Negotiations can take some time depending on the facts of the case and the value of the case. It can take as little as 2 weeks and can last months to even years. Throughout this process, victims may need access to cash in order to support themselves and their families. Applying for legal funding is a great option to get access to money that is desperately needed in advance of a settlement for your claim.

7. If a reasonable offer is on the table but the facts do not warrant filing a lawsuit, your attorney may recommend accepting the settlement. The only leverage an attorney has against an adjuster is the threat of a lawsuit or serious legal recourse – so, there is no way to force an adjuster to increase their offer without new facts otherwise.

8. If a reasonable or fair settlement is not achievable, and your case warrants it, your attorney may recommend filing a lawsuit. This will increase the costs and fees involved. For this reason, this option is generally not recommended in most personal injury cases.

When Can You Apply for Lawsuit Funding

You can apply for legal funding at almost any stage of a personal injury lawsuit:

1. When your claim has been filed with the insurance company.

2. When your demand has been submitted by your lawyer to the insurance company.

3. When your medical bills and records are accessible and can be properly evaluated.

4. When your case is in pre-litigation (meaning, a complaint has not been filed against the insurance company yet).

5. When your attorney has filed a lawsuit but your case is in the early stages of discovery and litigation.

6. When your case has settled before trial but the insurance company has failed to pay the settlement amount in a timely manner.

7. When your case has gone to trial and you have a verdict in your favor and the insurance company has still not paid out your claim.

8. After your medical treatment and property damage repairs but before litigation.