Qualifications for Applying for Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Loan Funding

High Rise Financial offers a financial support resource for clients in litigation or filing a legal claim with the help of an attorney or law firm. There are only a few requirements to qualify for cash funding for your lawsuit. These requirements include the following:

The application process is easy and simple. You simply answer a few questions online or with a phone call. Once the application is received, it is thoroughly evaluated by our team of underwriters who will contact your attorney to discuss your case. If you qualify for cash funding, you will be eligible to receive the funds within 24 hours of application approval. Unlike a real loan, where credit, employment or references are checked, this process does not involve any credit checks or investigations. Contact us at High Rise Financial and our team of specialists can answer any questions you may have. Click here for a list of the types of legal cases we fund.

The Many Uses & Benefits Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Funding Offers

Many law firms aren’t aware of just how useful pre-settlement funding can be. Here are some useful tools for attorneys looking for legal funding for their clients or doctors on lien. The lesser-known uses for pre-settlement funding include:

  • Uber or Lyft: If your client is unable to drive or has lost the use of their car due to the accident, they can use pre-settlement funding to obtain private transportation such as Uber or Lyft.
  • Rural Healthcare Providers: High Rise Financial can help you find lien-based doctors. However, in remote regions where no lien-based healthcare providers are available, pre-settlement funding can be used as an alternative funding source to seek available medical care.
  • Access to Rare Specialists: While there are many lien-based healthcare providers available in some fields, there are other fields in which there are a limited number of lien-based doctors, e.g. neuropsychology, audiology, bariatric surgery, cardiology, ENT, gastroenterology, nephrology, psychiatry, and even pediatrics. Pre-settlement funding can help patients gain access to these specialists.
  • Funeral and Hospice Services: If someone in the victim’s family is gravely injured or killed in the accident, pre-settlement funding can be used to provide end-of-life care and funeral costs.
  • Cover Gaps in Insurance Coverage & Deductibles: If your client uses their health insurance instead of lien-based doctors, pre-settlement funding can be used to cover the care and expenses insurance does not. Examples of this include covering gaps in coverage and/or denied procedures, devices, or paying off high deductibles
  • Implants & Medical Accessories: Some providers require that certain medical implants be paid for in full in advance of surgery and do not accept liens for the implants; pre-settlement funding can be used to cover the cost of these implants before surgery. In addition, funding can be used to pay for medically necessary accessories such as wheelchairs, medications, etc.

Click here to learn more about how pre-settlement lawsuit loans and legal funding works at High Rise Financial. We provide cash funding throughout the United States, while our office headquarters are located in Los Angeles, California.

What are the Benefits of Working with a Lien based Doctor?

Working with a lien doctor can be a great way to get a better outcome for your client and your practice. Prior to the 2011 California Howell decision, juries were restricted from considering insurance payouts for medical procedures in their rulings. Following the Howell ruling, however, juries are now able to fully consider the medical cost of a client’s treatment when utilizing a lien-based provider.

This means that instead of seeing only the steeply discounted bills from insurance companies, personal injury attorneys may now submit their client’s lien-based doctor’s bill in full for the jury to consider in their verdict. This could be a huge win for medical practices, attorneys, and clients alike as they are often able to negotiate higher, fairer settlements than otherwise provided by insurance.

Access High Rise Financial’s Network of Trusted Lien Doctors

When you work with a lien-based provider, you not only help increase the settlement amount of your client’s case, but you give your clients with limited to no-insurance the medical care they deserve. Connect your client with the healthcare services they need using High Rise Financial’s broad network of doctors, including neurosurgeons, orthopedic, pain management specialists, podiatrists, neurologists, oral and plastic surgeons.

Our all-inclusive customer service team will help connect you with our network of surgeons, and we can also assist with providing the funding for surgery center and hospital fees! We work directly with lien-based providers on your behalf – and do not charge your firm any fees – so you can focus on what matters most: arranging the highest settlement for your client.

A Legal Funding Company for Personal Injury Plaintiffs

The beauty of the field of law is that it allows the opportunity to individuals who have been harmed to recover financially and seek justice for themselves and their loved ones. As a premier lawsuit funding company, High Rise Financial sees the value in the service it provides exclusively to injured victims of personal injury, automobile accidents and defective products who become plaintiffs in their legal actions.

We provide not only a financial support mechanism in troubling times. We also provide a safety net for you while you need access to cash but your case is still pending, being litigated or negotiated by your attorney. In all of these situations, you may be facing medical bills, other expenses, and the cost of daily living might be too much if you are out of work or unable to work as a result of the underlying accident. Click here for a complete list of the types of cases and lawsuits we fund.

The benefits of a pre-settlement lawsuit loan or cash funding are obvious. First, you are able to obtain cash you need to continue living and supporting your family before your case has settled and before you have seen any money from the defendant’s insurance company. Second, your attorney can negotiate a higher settlement on your behalf as you do not feel the financial pressure or burden to accept a lower offer from the insurance company. Third, the cash funds given to you by High Rise Financial is done on a non-recourse basis. This means that your case is thoroughly evaluated by our analysts and once we review your application and approve it, you will not owe us any money back if your case does not settle or if you for some reason lose your claim. We carry the entire risk and the burden lies with us. These are just a few examples of the ways in which accident victims can find a helpful resource to fight another day. Applying online is simple and easy.

Construction Accident Injuries Qualify for Cash Funding

When one thinks of a construction accident, various scenarios can come to mind. For example, the handling of machinery or heavy equipment, unprotected openings, skylights and a lack of safety precautions can lead to serious injuries for construction workers. High Rise Financial offers injured construction employees on the job site or workplace a source of financial relief by providing cash funding for their lawsuit. Typically, in such an accident the existence of OSHA safety violations is present solidifying your claim against your employer or general contractor responsible for the job.

High Rise Financial offers a financial resource to victims of injury accidents which allows them to focus on their medical recovery and legal case. Click here for a list of personal injury accident cases for which we offer legal funding. Sadly, many construction accident injuries can result in disability, trauma and debilitating loss of mobility and function. Just a few examples include paralysis, lost limbs, broken bones, brain injuries, orthopedic injuries and more. Apply online with High Rise Financial to learn whether your legal claim qualifies for pre-settlement cash funding.

Medical Malpractice Plaintiffs Can Apply for a Lawsuit Loan

If you or a family member were injured as a resut of a doctor or physician’s direct negligence which caused you irreparable harm, you may have legal recourse available to you to seek compensation and justice. If you are already represented by an attorney and are pursuing legal action in the form of filing a claim, litigation or a lawsuit, you may also be eligible for lawsuit loan funding with High Rise Financial.

Cash funding for your lawsuit is given after our underwriters evaluate the facts of your particular case and speak with your attorney. At that time, if you qualify for pre-settlement funding, you can expect to receive the funds promptly within 24 hours after your application is reviewed. We understand that hardships carry financial struggle and we want our clients to have ample time to recover from their injuries or underlying accident. In this sense, we are on your side- the side of the injured victim and plaintiff.

Medical malpractice is a legal standard which requires a doctor or heath care provider which is providing medical treatment and care to abide by the industry standards. A claim for malpractice presents itself or arises if the doctor failed to operate reasonably and his or her care fell below the “reasonable” standard of care per industry standards. Typically, in a medical malpractice lawsuit experts must be retained by the plaintiff to prove the level of care and if the doctor’s conduct rose to the level of negligence necessary to make a successful claim for medical malpractice. This is yet another reason why pre-settlement lawsuit loans and cash funding are so helpful to a plaintiff trying to build his or her case. Instead of being leveraged into accepting a lower offer from the doctor’s insurance company, our clients and many plaintiffs are available to fight for a just settlement.

Pre-settlement Lawsuit Funding Available for Truck Accident Victims

If you were traveling on a busy road, highway or freeway and were injured in a truck or car accident, contact our legal funding specialists at High Rise Financial to see if your accident injury case qualifies for pre-settlement cash funding. While our office is located in Los Angeles, California, we proudly offer cash funding for your personal injury lawsuit throughout the United States including New York, Florida, Texas.

Truck accidents pose a great risk of physical harm and injury both to its own passengers and driver as well as those in the other car, motorcycle or vehicle it collides with. For this reason alone, we sadly see many catastrophic injury cases arise out of truck, semi-truck, big rigs and other larger, heavier vehicles on the road. They are prone to flipping over, causing significant and severe damage to the vehicles and the individuals in them. As a result, we see many trucking accident cases being litigated due to the high nature of damages, injury and harm. Many victims need access to cash quickly when trying to recover from such a devastating accident and resulting trauma both for piling medical bills, treatment, recovery and potentially lost income. High Rise Financial provides a critical resource in the form of a pre-settlement lawsuit loan or legal funding.

Contact us to learn more and see if your case qualifies. The only requirement we have is that you are legally represented by a licensed attorney or law firm, prior to approving your application for funding.

What Is Spinal Cord Stimulation?

Spinal cord stimulation uses small electrical pulses—which the patient controls themselves, using a remote—to mask and disrupt pain signals traveling through the spinal cord before they reach the brain.

Used to reduce patients’ chronic pain and reliance on pain medications, spinal cord stimulators consist of thin wires and electrodes placed between the spinal cord and vertebrae, as well as a small, pacemaker like battery device implanted hear the buttocks or lower abdomen. These wires carry a pulsating current from the battery to the connected nerve fibers effectively disrupting and modifying the body’s natural pain signal before pain is felt.

When it comes to back and neck injuries, spinal cord stimulation is worth considering when surgery is not an option or non-surgical options such as physical therapy or behavioral therapy methods have failed. By using the remote control to directly send pulses to the brain when pain is felt, patients can use spinal cord stimulation for long-lasting relief when other nonsurgical pain treatment options are no longer an option.

While experts still do not fully understand the mechanisms behind spinal cord stimulations’ success, the procedure has received acclaim for its ability to directly target multiple muscle groups at once and bring long term pain relief without the aid of opiates. Some of the key benefits of spinal cord stimulation compared to spinal surgery include a lower risk of nerve damage, loss of mobility, or paralysis and a lower risk of other complications, such as infection. Additionally, spinal cord stimulation can be used for a variety of chronic pain conditions, including a 50-70% reduction in pain from:

  • Chronic Back Pain
  • Post-Surgical Pain
  • Arachnoiditis
  • Injuries to the Spinal Cord
  • Nerve-Related Pain such as Severe Neuropathy
  • Peripheral Vascular Disease & Heart Pain
  • Pain After Amputation
  • Abdominal Pain

There are two types of spinal cord stimulators: a trial version that allows the client to see if this treatment works for them and a permanent version should they decide this path is the best for their pain management.

Depending on where the stimulator is placed, the device’s settings can be programmed in 2-3 preset programs to target different pain receptors most activated during certain activities such as walking, sitting or sleeping. When activated, the device replaces the feeling of pain with a slight tingling sensation or a “sub-perception” stimulation which has no feeling at all.

Lawsuit Loans Carry Risk Compared to Lawsuit Funding which Don’t

How does one know which company to select when attempting to get cash for your legal claim or personal injury lawsuit? It can seem confusing or even sound like a lawsuit loan company is offering the same benefits and risk or terms as a reputable pre-settlement legal funding company like High Rise Financial. However, a lawsuit loan or cash advance is not the same thing as lawsuit funding that comes from a lawsuit funding company. Why? A lawsuit loan carries a risk to the borrower. It must be paid back to the lender regardless of the outcome of your case.

With High Rise Financial, a legal funding company and not a lawsuit loan company, there is no risk for our clients. We provide cash funding to our clients on a non-recourse basis. What exactly does this mean? It means that if you win your case, you must pay us back. However, if you lose your claim or it is unsuccessful for any reason, you do not need to pay us back. High Rise Financial in essence carries all of the burden and risk when determining to accept an applicant’s request for legal funding for his or her case.

Also, lawsuit loan agreements can be complicated and contain language one might not fully understand and the terms of responsibility of payment can leave one guessing. High Rise Financial skips through all of that and assesses your qualification for legal cash funding based on the merits of your legal claim, after speaking with you and your attorney. Find out more of the benefits of choosing a reputable legal funding company like High Rise Financial today. We are located in California but provide funding to plaintiffs of personal injury accidents throughout the US.

Types of Injuries Arising from Personal Injury Accident Cases

High Rise Financial is a Los Angeles based pre-settlement lawsuit funding company that is superior to a lawsuit loan company in that there is no risk transferred to our clients, plaintiffs of personal injury accidents. In addition, we do not charge compound interest, only flat fee rates for cash advances for your legal case. Many types of injuries can result from personal injury accidents such as slip and falls, pedestrian clashes with cars, automobile accidents, nursing negligence and more.

Some injuries can be minor, while others can be permanent and devastating. For example, elderly victims of slip and falls due to a dangerous condition present on the premises can find themselves having a broken hip or fracture, needing corrective surgery. Car, motorcycle, bicycle, pedestrian and truck accidents can cause spinal cord injury, paralysis, amputations, burn injuries, lacerations, wounds, concussions and more. High Rise Financial works directly with your attorney or law firm regarding your legal claim to help ensure you can receive the medical treatment you so desperately need, while allowing our financial support to help facilitate a higher settlement and negotiation of your case.

Construction accidents are notorious for causing devastating damage and injury to the back including spinal cord damage and sometimes paralysis. Open skylights, unguarded railings, scaffolding that is flimsy and other unsafe conditions can all lead to catastrophic injury for its victims.

Typically, insurance companies like to immediately settle cases of high value which would convert into extremely high injuries or ones with permanent damage. This is because they cannot risk exposing themselves to huge jury verdicts awarding plaintiffs large sums of money for their settlement. Sometimes, plaintiffs who sustained serious injuries might be tempted to accept such an initial offer. However, with the expertise of your lawyer, you can battle it out for the just recovery you deserve, especially considering the types of injuries you sustained and liability that is involved in your case. High Rise Financial can offer you pre-settlement and post-settlement cash funding for your lawsuit in all 50 states. Call us today or apply online to see whether you qualify for lawsuit legal funding, the best alternative to a lawsuit loan.