Get The Money You Need to Recover from An Accident that Caused You Significant Injury

If you, or someone you know, has sustained orthopedic injuries as a result of another’s negligence or recklessness, such as through an automobile accident involving a truck, pedestrian, car or motorcycle or a personal injury accident like medical malpractice, wrongful death, slip and fall, you can pursue legal financing while your legal case is pursued by your attorney in court or against the insurance company.  For example, a reckless or negligent defendant in an automobile accident could involve the driver being under the influence of alcohol or drugs and be convicted with a DUI.  In such a case, liability and fault on the part of the defendant wrong-doing party would be easier to prove. “Orthopedic injury” is a broad-ranging term that concerns any number of problems associated with the musculoskeletal system; the part of your body concerned not only with muscles and bones, but also the joints, nerves and tendons woven between those parts.

Types of Orthopedic Injuries Include:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Fractured joints
  • Tears in the ACL
  • Anything necessitating a hip replacement
  • Spinal issues necessitating fusion
  • Slipped/herniated spinal discs

Each of these conditions are serious and can entail many costly and invasive medical procedures. Most injuries involving sports or repetitive stress tend to fall under the auspice of an orthopedic specialist.

If you or someone you care for has been seriously harmed in an accident through another’s fault or negligence, contact High Rise Financial to see if you are eligible for legal funding. Rather than being an advance or loan, lawsuit financing is a sort of pre-settlement financing you can rely upon until your case reaches a settlement or successful recovery.

Consequences of Trucking Accidents

Automobile collisions are bad enough between two regular sized vehicles, but when a bigger, heavier truck is involved, it could be so much worse. There is usually more physical injury as a result and significant vehicle damage. With it, comes time off work to receive treatment and re cover while the bills mount and need to be considered. Bills can include medical costs from injuries and regular things like water and power, which can go unpaid when the accident victim misses work and doesn’t have enough money to cover his or her expenses.

While legal accidents can lead to compensation, a settlement is usually not reached right away. Some people turn to a cash advance for lawsuit to meet their immediate needs.

Accident Statistics

With about 11 million big trucks and tractor trailers travelling millions of miles on U.S. roadways annually, accidents are bound to happen. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, of the roughly 45,000 annual traffic deaths, less than nine percent involve commercial vehicles. For 2015, that translated to 4,311 big trucks and buses involved in fatal traffic crashes, which is an increase over previous years. While this shows that the bulk of vehicle collisions don’t involve large trucks, it’s still a sobering statistic.

All those involved in these crashes still deal with the aftermath, physical injury, financial damages, lost wages, medical expenses and other issues. That is why lawsuit financing is so helpful. People don’t have to stress about not having the money to buy groceries or about the lights being turned off. What a lawsuit loan does is help people rehabilitate and recover from their accident injury, while maintaining their life’s financial responsibilities. In the meantime, their attorney seeks compensation from the defendant’s insurance company as a result of the trucking accident.

Contact High Rise Financial today to learn if you qualify for a lawsuit loan.

Amputation Injuries due to Medical Malpractice

Losing a limb because of medical malpractice may be the result of several different types of errors. One is wrong-site surgery. Another is a mistake that leads to compartment syndrome, a condition in which blood flow to muscles and tissue is stopped. This may result in amputation. A misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis could also result in an amputation.

People literally place their lives in the hands of medical professionals, and the thought of medical malpractice is a terrifying one. However, it may happen for a number of reasons including a lack of attention or poor judgment on the doctor’s part. The worst cases of medical malpractice lead to death or permanent injury. A medical error that results in the loss of a limb is one of those worst case scenarios.

When this happens to a person, there are two reasons to pursue a lawsuit. One is so that the same thing won’t happen to other people. The other is that the medical professional who made the error should be responsible for helping to improve the life of the person injured as much as possible. Medical malpractice cases can be expensive. The cost of medical experts testifying in court can incur costs in excess of $10,000.00 a day in trial. Since litigation is so costly, a plaintiff with a successful claim may be pushed into accepting a lower settlement offer to settle their case sooner. Pre-settlement funding is a popular alternative solution that benefits plaintiffs and victims of personal injury and gives the resources they need to tackle a long fight against an insurance company or defendant.

Legal Funding for Medical Malpractice Cases

Settlement funding may help a person who is working with an attorney to pursue a legal solution. To see if you qualify for legal funding, speak to one of our team specialists at High Rise Financial, a Los Angeles based legal funding company to learn more about the process.

Hit and Run Accidents Can Cause Severe Personal Injuries

Under California law, a motorist that collides with a person, vehicle or object on the public roadway has a duty to remain and identify him or herself. The law requires that he or she stay and offer aid if possible to anyone injured in the collision. Should a motorist leave the scene without meeting his or her legal duty in accordance with the law, then that person may be charged as a hit and run driver. Both adults and children including minors can be negatively impacted as a result of a hit and run automobile accident.

Fault does not matter; the duty applies to every driver on the public roadways. If you or someone close to you has been a victim of a hit and run accident, then it is important to report it to the police immediately. They can investigate and try to determine the identity of the hit and run driver.

Driver’s Duty at the Scene of a Collision

The law of California is specific and strong on the subject of driver’s duties at the scene of an accident. In many cases, serious injuries occur when vehicles collide, and immediate medical attention can make a difference in the outcome of an injured individual’s medical situation. The duty of drivers at an accident scene is important to public protection and safety.

Drivers must remain at the scene of accidents that cause injuries to provide identification, vehicle registration, and other information to the police and first-responders. Drivers must call 911 to alert authorities to come to the scene and then stay to cooperate with the police investigation.

When a motorist or driver flees the scene without cooperating with the vehicle he or she collided with, it can cause complications. The first difficulty is in identifying the missing motorist. If you cannot identify the hit and run driver, then Uninsured Motorist Protection in insurance policies may provide a source of recovery. The underwriters at High Rise Financial legal funding will look at all of the facts of your case when considering lawsuit funding.

If you were involved in a hit and run accident and were left at the scene by the hit and run driver, you may be eligible for settlement funding. Please call or apply online today. Our team of specialists can let you know if you qualify for settlement funding within 24 hours of receiving your application.

Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Funding for Dog Bite Victims

In California, dog bites occur more frequently than many people realize. No matter what breed or size a dog may be, their bites or attacks can create serious medical problems. If this happens to you, go to a medical facility immediately to try to prevent major health problems, such as infection or even rabies. You may be able to file a lawsuit to recoup monetary funds from the person who owns the dog in many cases.

Pre-settlement funding for dog bite attack victims can help pay legal costs before you receive settlement funds or before you reach a settlement with the insurance company or dog owner. Victims from all over California can participate in our lawsuit funding program. We have clients from Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco, San Diego, Riverside and many other areas.

How Can Someone Be Held Responsible for the Dog Bite?

You must determine ownership of the animal to place responsibility. All Californians who own dogs are responsible for any attack or dog bite even if they tried to protect others from the incident. Even if the owner had no knowledge that the dog could be a threat, and regardless of breed, the owner can still be liable unless the victim was intentionally aggravating the dog or was trespassing on your property. However, even without previous dog bites or incidents by a particular animal showing a pattern of behavior, a plaintiff can show that a dog should not be on premises without a leash or that the animal has a dangerous propensity of which its owner should have been aware. Typically certain scenarios would elevate a dogowner’s behavior to negligence.  For example, if a 120 pound pitbull roams the hallways of an apartment complex, the landlord can also be liable if he or she has actual or constructive knowledge. Why? Because a large pitbull not on a leash in common areas can obviously pose a reasonable threat to the safety of other tenants as well as invited visitors onto the property. In that case, an attorney would likely pursue both the landlord of the private property where the bite attack occurred and the dogowner.

What Damages Can You Sue For?

Legally, it can be difficult to build a case that clearly shows who is responsible and to know what damages to seek. High Rise Financial legal funding will review the facts of your particular case and inform you within 24 hours as to whether you qualify for legal funding while your personal injury case proceeds.

Many factors are considered, including how serious the injury is and whether you can be held partially liable for the attack. Do you have any witnesses? Did you file a police report? Did you notify the landlord of the property immediately of the incident?  All of these are important questions. Collecting the responsible party’s information and obtaining their insurance is also critical. Taking photographs of the dog and the injuries is also important to building your case.

The consideration for monetary damages include medical expenses, pain and suffering, and any wages you lost. If the owner’s conduct was intentional or obviously reckless, punitive damages may be awarded. An example of reckless or intentional conduct would be if the owner of the dog knows of the animal’s dangerous propensities (via previous dog bite incidents or attacks on others) and still allows the dog to roam freely on premises without a leash. Reckless conduct could be proven by showing other reasonable individuals would not act in the same manner.

Legal Funding Can Provide Resources to Pursue Your Legal Claim or Lawsuit

Legal settlement funding can often be the only way to bring a lawsuit forward. Even though most homeowner’s insurance policies provide coverage for dog injuries, they often offer a low settlement amount. Don’t settle because of a lack of money or the urgency with which you need the settlement funds. Pre-settlement lawsuit funding with High Rise Financial can help you get the money you deserve and are entitled to recover from your injuries.

Victims of Drunk Driving Accidents Can Get Legal Funding

In California, the laws concerning drunk driving are strict, and violations carry severe penalties. The State, local governments, and private groups carry on a constant program of advice and warnings not to drink and drive. Drunk driving is a leading cause of severe traffic injuries in California. These are avoidable car or vehicular accidents  that sometimes result in permanent loss and can even result in the loss of life for adults and minors alike.

California Law Regarding Drivers Under the Influence

The slowed reactions and poor judgment of impaired or intoxicated drivers is a formula for tragedy. The rule against driving under the influence (DUI) of intoxicating substances includes alcohol, recreational and illegal drugs, and medications.

Alcohol evidence of intoxication varies with the status of the driver. Commercial vehicle operators must not exceed a blood alcohol concentration level of 0.04 percent, and other drivers may not exceed 0.08 percent. Drivers under the age of 21 may not have any traces of alcohol. Tests for illegal drugs, over-the-counter medications, and prescriptions often involve blood draws and analysis; police use field tests, observation, and sobriety testing.

California law permits filing a claim for compensation with an insurer as well as a lawsuit against the individual. The threat of a lawsuit and a jury award forms a powerful motivation to settle a DUI case. The damages can be quite serious and high both in civil and criminal cases.

Compensatory damages are the money that the person causing an injury must pay to make the injured person whole. They include awards for pain and suffering as well as the economic losses like medical expenses, future medical care, lost wages, and reduced ability to earn in the future.

Punitive damages apply in drunk or impaired driving cases because the conduct of the drunk driver was illegal and in disregard of the safety of others. California law permits an award of punitive damages in DUI lawsuits up to a limit. Punitive damages are a form of punishment for the wrongful conduct of the driver that caused severe injury.

Wrongful death claims arise in the event of a fatal injury. Survivors of the deceased can file an action to recover for pain and suffering, medical and funeral expenses. Wrongful death claims provide recovery for the loss of income, services, and benefits that would have come had the loved one survived or remained alive.

A drunk or impaired driver case may be complicated and lengthy to ensure that victims and families collect the recovery to which they are entitled. DUI lawsuit funding is available throughout California. Depending on the status of your case, you may qualify for pre-settlement and post-settlement cash funds with High Rise Financial. Please contact one of our specialists today by calling (888) 301-5144 to learn more. You can also submit your application online and be informed within 24 hours as to whether you qualify for legal funding.

Fractured & Broken Bones

In the Greater Los Angeles Area, many people sustain injuries in car, automobile and other personal injury accidents that result in broken bones. Broken bones are serious medical events that require special medical care. Doctors must identify and treat the fracture and reset the breaks. A personal injury involving broken or fractured bones is costly and painful.

The medical costs will likely exceed ten thousand dollars for a most straightforward break or fracture that requires an ambulance, hospital visit, X-rays, medical treatment, and future medical care in recovery. You may need a soft or hard cast, pain medication, and occasional doctor visits to monitor the healing process. The costs will continue to pile up through follow-up, treatment during healing, and the required courses of physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Breaks and fractures can happen at any time as a result of blunt force or trauma during a car accident. Frequent causes include immediate impacts, sudden movements, falls, and bearing weight in awkward positions. This can also occur during a construction accident where an injured individual falls and sustains injury. Some people, and particularly older individuals, may have naturally weak bones and that are susceptible to more breaks or fractures than others. Common breaks and fractures occur in the below-described bones.

• Arm and wrist (ulna, humerus, and radius)
• Leg (tibia, fibula, and femur)
• Hip (pelvis)
• Fingers and toes (phalanges)
• Kneecap (patella)
• Back (scapula) and spine.

Broken bones cause intense pain. The bones do not have nerve endings, but the surrounding areas have sensitive nerves. Broken bones can cause muscle damage, internal bleeding, severe swelling, and injury to connective and soft tissues. You may need pain medication and therapy for reducing and controlling your pain.

If you sustained Fractured and Broken Bones in a Personal Injury Accident, You May qualify for Legal Funding with High Rise Financial

We at High Rise Financial can help make your situation better with legal funding and settlement financing available throughout California. If your personal injury action involves serious medical injury including any broken bones and you are waiting for your case to settle, then call us. You may qualify for lawsuit funding and pre-settlement financing which can help pay off your medical bills, lost wages and other urgent daily expenses while you wait for a settlement. In the event your case does not settle, or if the insurance company refuses to pay, High Rise Financial bears this risk and you will not owe the money back. You only repay the cash funds you receive if you actually obtain an actual settlement.

Contact one of our legal funding specialists today or submit your application online to see whether you qualify for pre-settlement lawsuit funding.

Legal Funding for Injuries Caused by Defective Products

Defective products cause thousands of injuries in the U.S. each year. The injuries occur despite the efforts of state and federal agencies like the FDA, USDA and other safety offices that research products and issue product warnings and recalls. We interact with a wide range of products that could cause injuries and are potential safety hazards when they do not operate as intended. Automobiles, pharmaceuticals, children’s toys, high chairs, baby cribs and even car seats have caused serious injuries and deaths.

Defective products are oftentimes the result of design defects, which are flaws in the product’s design, even though the product was manufactured perfectly. For instance, a defective automobile design in the Ford Pinto had caused their gas tanks to explode after read-end collisions. Without regard to the cause, if a defective product causes injury, you have a right to compensation. When manufacturers, government oversight, and other businesses fail to meet their obligations in providing safe products, you may have to initiate legal action in order to get a full, fair and just settlement. In most instances, the defective products come from well-financed companies including large manufacturers and distributors. These companies have large amounts of funds, experienced attorneys and investigators to resist claims; these parties have far more resources than the injured victims that attempt to get compensation for their losses and injuries as a result of using their defective or poorly designed product. Many victims accept inferior settlements that do not fully address the extent of their past and future losses because they do not have sufficient financial leverage to wait out the fight.

A deep-pocketed defendant or insurance company is a difficult barrier to recovery in a product liability case. The case can take a long time to develop due to the need for extensive investigation and experts. The process is difficult and can be extremely stressful for the victims.  However, if you have been injured by a defective product, you can get compensation for past medical expenses, future costs, lost wages or business income and pain and suffering.

To qualify for pre-settlement legal funding for your lawsuit, where we provide you with access to money to keep you afloat while your product liability case works its way through the courts or to settlement, you must first have legal representation for your case. You can then submit an application on our website or by phone and our underwriters will evaluate your claim to determine whether you’re eligible or not.

What is California Proposition 213 and How Does it Affect Your Automobile Accident Case Value?

California Proposition 213 is a law that applies to drivers involved in automobile accidents and was passed to prevent operating vehicles without valid car insurance or driving cars that are not insured (meaning you were not insured to drive that particular vehicle). If Prop 213 applies to you, then you cannot recover money damages (even if you were not at fault for the accident) for pain and suffering.

It is a consideration every law firm or attorney makes when evaluating your lawsuit. It is also considered by the insurance adjuster reviewing your claim when they receive a demand from your attorney. Often times, attorneys refer to their clients who are subject to this law as “Prop Clients.”

Prop 213 does NOT apply if:

1. You were a passenger in the car involved in the accident.

2. The vehicle you were driving was covered by insurance.

3. The driver was driving his employer’s vehicle (which was uninsured).

4. The incident occurred on private property.

5. The registered owner of the vehicle lacked insurance, but the driver who borrowed the vehicle had his own insurance on another car. This driver would be fully entitled to recover damages for pain and suffering since he had his own insurance to protect himself.

How California Proposition 213 Affects Your Lawsuit

In the eyes of the law, if you violate California Proposition 213 then you are not entitled to pain and suffering (which is referred to as “general damages” when settling with the insurance company), even where the defendant or other party/driver is deemed at fault, negligent or otherwise liable. General damages can accumulate to a large sum of money, especially in high-impact accidents where victims have severe injuries such as broken bones/fractures, burns, brain injuries and more.

It is possible for lawyers to conceal the fact that Prop 213 applies to their client until after there is an accepted offer, settlement and signed release; at which point, it is too late for the adjuster to renege on their offer. However, insurance adjusters have their own way of finding out whether Prop 213 applies to a particular claimant by running their own searches.

Prop 213 can be harmful to plaintiffs/clients with numerous medical treatments who can only receive compensation for their medical bills. Sometimes, they can receive loss of income as well. However, pain and suffering is completely off limits.

It is recommended to always have valid insurance to protect yourself and receive the compensation you deserve.

Pre-Settlement Cash Funding for Burn Injury Victims

Pre-settlement cash funding is now available to burn injury victims nationwide through High Rise Financial for their pending and ongoing lawsuit. This type of legal funding is not a typical cash advance or  loan as there is no obligation for our clients to reimburse us should they lose their lawsuit.

Burns are assessed by degrees to describe their severity. The worst cases, fourth, fifth and sixth degree burns, may result in amputation or cause permanent damage. In the third degree, a skin graft may repair some damage although this type of burn does involve charred skin. Second-degree burns are less serious, although they still do damage to the deeper layers of skin including the dermis and the deep or reticular dermis, but do cause blisters. In a first-degree burn, although there may be pain, only the epidermis (the first layer of skin) is affected and may have a white film over it or be red in color.

There are a number of different types of burns. People may be most familiar with a heat burn, which often occurs when coming into contact with hot foods or liquids such as cooking oil. Overexposure to UV light in a tanning bed can cause also cause skin burns. A friction burn results in chafing of the skin due to an abrasion. Cleaning solutions, and other substances that require safety protection for use, can cause chemical burns.

People who are not at fault in serious burn accidents and are involved in a lawsuit should contact High Rise Financial today to find out if they are eligible to receive cash while their legal case is in progress. The application is available online and extremely simple to complete. Our approval process is fast and you could be approved for funding in as little as 24 hours after the submission of your application!

We also offer post-settlement funding; meaning, funding after your case has settled but before the insurance company has paid you your verdict or the settlement amount.