Were you Attacked & Injured by a Dog?

If you or a loved one was bitten, attacked or injured as a result of a dangerous dog or pet, contact a medical provider for immediate assistance. If you have retained an attorney or law firm to represent you against the dog owner or liable third party, you may qualify for cash legal funding or what is referred to as a lawsuit loan or cash advance but does not have the same implications of a loan or advance of cash. With legal settlement funding, the funds advanced to you while your legal case is pending only needs to be reimbursed or paid back if you have a settlement with the defendant or liable third party.

Pre-settlement lawsuit funding is available with High RIse Finacial LLP. Contact one of our team specialists to discuss the facts of your case and provide us with your attorney’s contact information. We deal directly with your attorney and obtain everything necessary from them when making a determination as to whether you qualify for legal funding. Be sure to seek immediate medical treatment if you have been injured by a dog bite.

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The Six Most Common Types of Auto Accidents

Across California and the United States, various types of automobile accidents occur on a daily basis. Whether it is an injured motorcyclist who finds himself making a claim against a drunk driver, a trucking or trailer accident gone wrong, or a car accident with many injured passengers, the availability of pre-settlement legal cash funding is a valuable resource in your legal case. High Rise Financial offers victims of bicycle accidents, boat accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck, car, ride sharing accidents like Uber and Lyft with access to what is similar to a lawsuit cash loan or advance of cash. In the legal world, we call this pre-settlement legal funding. In some circumstances, where your case has already settled against the defendant’s insurance company, you may be entitled to post-settlement legal funding as well if the insurance company is delaying in payment.

The beauty of cash funding for your lawsuit is that it affords you the financial stability and security while your case is pending with your attorney and the defendant. If your case is in litigation and tied up in court for a long time, this may be a very necessary resource based on your financial circumstance and bodily injury as a result of the accident. Many of our clients have lost the ability to work either temporarily or permanently as a result of their car or auto accident. These are all important factors to consider when making a determination of accepting an insurance company’s initial offer for your case. If you have received significant medical treatment or have a serious bodily injury that resulted from a third-party’s negligence or reckless behavior, your case can be strengthened.

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Faulty, Failed or Defective Medical Devices like Hip Implants, Transvaginal Mesh and More

Defective medical devices on the market are now a common occurrence. Unfortunately, with trial and error, it is learned that a product has failed to work or function as represented or warranted by the manufacturer. Often times, since doctors are implementing, using or otherwise recommending the use of a medical device- cases for product liability may be intertwined with a medical malpractice claim against your health care provider.

Defective or failed medical equipment or devices that are specifically inserted into the body are the types of products that usually form the basis of a lawsuit in a product liability case. We often see patients become victims of failed hip implants, transvaginal mesh and defective IVC filters (which are inserted intoto the body to stop blood clots). High Rise Financial LLC offers such victims financial assistance in the form of pre-settlement and post-settlement legal funding. Although commonly referred to as a lawsuit loan or cash advance, this type of funding is not a loan in the sense that it is only paid back from your settlement if there is one. If you do not have any recovery against the liable party or insurance company, then there will be no repayment of the cash funding for your case.

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Can I Sue for Pain and Suffering?

A victim of any personal injury accident can generally sue for pain and suffering money damages. Of course, the amount that will be considered or awarded is directly dependent on the severity of their injuries and the significant of the incident. Someone that trips and scrapes their knee does not have the same allocation for pain and suffering as someone who suffered third degree burns as a result of a defective product which would fall under product liability.

These distinctions are key. Almost every type of case qualifies for pain and suffering, with one exception: that is worker’s compensation claims. If you were injured in an accident while at work for your employer- then you cannot sue your employer for pain, suffering or disability.

What types of Accidents and Injuries Qualify for Pain and Suffering Damages?

Car accidents, medical malpractice cases, pedestrian accidents, slip and falls, product liability, dog bites, construction accidents, nursing home negligence, defective medical devices and other similar cases qualifies for pain and suffering damages. Injuries that would have a high dollar or monetary value on it for pain and suffering would probably include burn injuries, orthopedic injuries, spinal cord injuries or severe injuries to the brain, any type of injury requiring surgery to recover, as well as broken bones and fractures, amputations, and paralysis (paraplegia and quadraplegia).

Minor or less severe injuries would still warrant some compensation for pain and suffering- because even if you did not fall through a skylight on a construction job- you still had some suffering as a result of that rear-ended car accident (even with minor property damage). Leave it to your attorney to fight for you to obtain as much of a recovery as possible for your injuries, treatment and the impact of the accident on your life and well-being.

What Types of Damages are Recoverable in a Medical Malpractice Claim?

The types of money damages your attorney can recover for you in a medical malpractice or med mal claim include special damages, general damages and punitive damages:

What are Special Damages?

Special damages compensate you for your financial losses in a certain scope. The scope covers medical bills (past and future), loss of income or earnings, prescriptions for medications and more. In terms of medical bills, doctor and hospital bills and any other bill from a medical provider or healthcare professional would be included and covered. For example, this would include a pain management doctor, a chiropractor, a facility for an MRI, a surgery center, an outpatient facility or any other doctor or provider.

What does it mean when your attorney tells you can get General Damages in your Settlement?

General damages compensate a victim for damages that do not have an exact dollar amount allocated to them. This would be for example the loss of enjoyment or ability to do things once enjoyed between two spouses or husband and wife and is called loss of consortium. Pain and suffering is another legal term given which falls under the category of general damages. The amount of pain and suffering in a car accident case with minor damage to the vehicle and to its passenger would be different from the pain and suffering allocation for a victim of a construction accident that falls through a skylight and requires back surgery.

What exactly are Punitive Damages?

Punitive damages are permitted in medical malpractice claims but the law does require the conduct of the physician or doctor to be so outrageous and reckless to qualify for this level of punishment. Punitive damages intend to punish the person that must pay them. A doctor that is under the influence of drugs or alcohol while permitting a surgery may be found to be so reckless that punitive damages are warranted.

At the end of the day, what will be awarded by a court or judge or settled between an insurance company and the victim varies on a case by case basis. But the general rule for medical malpractice claims is that these three types of monetary damages are allowed and recoverable.

Cash Funding for Legal Personal Injury Cases Taken to Litigation

If you have a current or pending personal injury case that involves medical malpractice, a construction accident, an automobile accident, a dog bite attack, slip and fall or premises liability cause of action, or anything related to a negligent third party causing you a direct injury and harm, your case may qualify for legal cash funding that is similar to a lawsuit loan or cash advance. Cases that are litigated typically take many months to years to resolve (anywhere from 6 months up to 2 years). The increasing cost of litigation and burden of prosecuting your case makes a potential settlement distant and in the far future.

Victims of personal injury accidents who suffer serious injuries like paralysis, burns, broken bones, amputations, orthopedic injuries and more may not have the time or ability to wait to receive their settlement to continue living their daily lives and affording their daily expenses. When a car accident is involved, often times our clients have many fees and expenses to pay and they cannot afford to wait for the insurance company to give in or make a low offer or settlement. In these situations, pre-settlement lawsuit funding makes a lot of sense- especially when the case has a significant potential settlement recovery.

Cash funding for a lawsuit is a popular and convenient option. It allows you a break from stress and worry about how to support your family or loved ones through times of desperation and difficulty, especially where the injuries are life-altering and even permanent. Consider settlement cash lawsuit funding for your case. You can let your attorney know you are interested. We at High Rise Financial will work hand in hand with your attorney of record or law firm to determine whether the facts of your case qualify for a cash loan or funding. Our team of specialists at High Rise are at your disposal with one phone call to (310) 876-8086.

Construction Accidents Caused by OSHA Violations

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (also known as OSHA) has many rules and guidelines regarding safety in the workplace. Many of these rules govern construction sites including precautions that must be taken with regard to construction workers. For example, everything from roofing to electrical work on a construction site has rules and regulations. The employer or supervisor of the facility or construction site can be cited and fined for any OSHA violations. Unfortunately, construction accidents resulting in serious injury like paraplegia, paralysis, broken bones, fractures, and even wrongful death do occur.

Click here to learn more about OSHA regulations regarding safety with regard to the workplace and construction accidents.

Personal injury accidents involving construction accidents are common and the injured victims usually need significant medical treatment  with various doctors, chiropractors, hospital, physical therapy and pain management specialists. In these situations, the medical bills accumulate quickly and depending on your insurance can become difficult to cope with. Recovery from your injuries if of primary importance. That is why we recommend legal funding which is similar to a cash advance or lawsuit loan. The cash funds are available to you almost immediately after your case is reviewed by our team and determined to qualify for settlement cash funding. Our team will work directly with your attorney to arrange everything and obtain all necessary information.

American Burn Association Statistics Regarding Burn Injury Accidents and its Prevalence

Burn injuries are unfortunately quite common and result from accidents where negligence may have been involved. It is one of the leading causes of wrongful death and unintentional injury in the United States today.

According to the American Burn Association, between 2011 and 2015, close to 500,000 people were seen for burn injuries in emergency departments across the US. One person dies from a fire approximately every two and a half hours while the odds of an American civilian dying from fire exposure or contact with smoke or flames are 1 in 1,498. The most common causes of such fire and burn injuries include contact with a fire or flame, scalds, chemical burns, electrical burns, and thermal burns. 43% of burn injuries are caused by a fire or flame.

According to the statistics taken over the course of over a decade from 2005 to 2014, males seem to suffer from burn injuries at a higher rate than their female counterparts. These injuries are predominantly suffered in the home at 73% while the workplace accounts for 8%. Click here to learn more about the American Burn Association’s findings regarding these incidents.

At High Rise Financial, we work hard to help victims of burn injury accidents recover their health and well being back while their legal case is pending and being handled by their attorney. We provide cash funding which is like a lawsuit loan or cash advance, but unlike a cash loan or advance it does not need to be paid back unless your case is successful and there is some recovery. The legal lawsuit funding is aimed at helping victims of personal injury accidents recover from their injuries and maintain their livelihood until they receive a settlement for their case. Contact us to learn more and determine whether you qualify for cash lawsuit funding.

Good Advice to Follow after a Car Accident that was NOT your Fault

Here are some tips (non-legal) but helpful when navigating your options while pursuing a claim for your car accident case against the negligent party or other driver’s insurance company:

  • Seek immediate medical attention especially if you have sustained or suffered serious injuries. Even minor injuries should be looked at by a professional medical provider or doctor. When the injuries are more severe, sometimes an ambulance must be called and a visit to the emergency room is warranted.
  • If you or a loved one sustained significant injury for example in a DUI automobile case where the other driver was under the influence, or if your car was totalled, or if something more disastrous resulted, you may want to contact an attorney to represent you in your legal case.
  • Once your attorney has filed a claim against the other party’s insurance company (assuming he or she had valid and proper insurance coverage), then the hard work begins on your case.
  • After progress is made, if you are in need of a lawsuit loan or cash advance, you may be interested in legal lawsuit funding which is available through us at High Rise Financial. The process is simple. Your attorney would help facilitate the information and collection of facts necessary for our team to determine whether your case qualifies for settlement funding. The only requirement is that you have an attorney or law firm represent you in your claim.
  • Once our team makes an evaluation, you will be informed as to whether you qualify for pre-settlement cash funding or post-settlement funding. Post-settlement funding would benefit you if for example you are in urgent need of money, your case has settled but there are delays in receiving the payment from the insurance company.

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How Wrongful Death Actions Work

The loss of a loved one is always devastating, but it may be even harder to deal with when it is a preventable death that was caused by the negligence or direct action of an entity or another person. A family member’s death might also impose a significant financial burden upon the survivors. Even if a family is aware they might be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit in Los Angeles or elsewhere in California, they may not have the cash up front to afford to do so. However, they may be able to obtain legal funding for their wrongful death claim from High Rise Financial, commonly referred to as a lawsuit loan or cash advance.

What Types of Deaths Lead to Wrongful Death Lawsuits?

If a person dies because of a faulty product or the actions of another person, it may be possible to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Car accidents, plane crashes and accidents at work could all be reasons to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Medical malpractice could also result in a wrongful death lawsuit. Finally, if one person kills another, that person could be sued for wrongful death. For a lawsuit to be successful, it is necessary to prove that the actions or negligence of the other person or party caused the death.

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Restrictions in Wrongful Death Lawsuits

It is necessary for a wrongful death lawsuit to be timely filed and to be filed by the right person or party. The amount of time a person has to file a lawsuit varies according to the specific situation. For example, there is a general two-year limit in California, but for medical malpractice and some other types of cases, it could be less. People who are not yet prepared to file a lawsuit may still want to consult an attorney to find out how much time they have.

The person may also want to talk to the attorney about who may file the lawsuit. In general, a person’s spouse or children or others who were dependents can file a claim, but there may be other elements to consider as well.

Among the damages that may be sought in a wrongful death lawsuit are funeral costs, medical expenses, loss of companionship and loss of income from the person who has died. In addition to consulting an attorney about the specifics of the case, you can apply to see if you or a loved one qualifies for legal cash funding to pursue your wrongful death action or legal case.

Applying is easy; you can call us at  866-407-6404 to speak with a funding specialist about the facts of your case or apply online.