Tips on Hiring Personal Injury Legal Counsel

If you were injured in an automobile accident, personal injury accident such as a slip and fall or construction accident, or if you were a victim of medical malpractice or defective implants, you may need to hire an attorney. If you are considering legal counsel, you should look to make sure that personal injury is their specialty. You definitely don’t want to hire a real estate attorney to manage or litigate your car accident case. Similarly, you should look to their years of experience, client testimonials and success rates. Each of which are valuable indicators of the capabilities of a law firm.

As you interview, consider and retain representation through an attorney or law firm, you can begin to also consider the possibility of litigation funding. Case funding can be an investment into your case, rather than a lawsuit loan. Lawsuit funding can also cover your medical expenses and living expenses. Contact High Rise Financial today to see if you qualify for lawsuit funding.

Pedestrians Injured on the Road & Crosswalk

Pedestrians face many risks every time they cross the road, traffic signal or crosswalk. They face risk from unsafe or careless drivers in a rush, or possibly under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Hasty drivers cause needless deaths and severe injuries to unsuspecting pedestrians every day.

Pedestrians typically have the right of way. That is to say he or she wasn’t crossing a major intersection illegally when the cars and traffic faced a green light. Pedestrians just like drivers must be extra careful or cautious. Often times, the accident was the fault of the driver. Liability must be proved.

If you were a victim of a car accident as a pedestrian, you may have a legal claim. Be sure to consult with your attorney. If you already have an ongoing legal claim or lawsuit against the at-fault driver, you may also qualify for lawsuit funding. High Rise Financial provides our clients with quality care and cash before your lawsuit settles. The lawsuit “loan” must be repaid when your case settles or if you win a recovery. Unlike a lawsuit loan, however, the cash advanced does not need to be repaid to us if you lose your claim or there is no monetary settlement. Contact High Rise Financial to find out more and see if you can qualify. The application is short and easy and our team of underwriters can review your file within 24 hours.

Fatal Injuries in the Workplace

If you or a family member was injured as a result of a dangerous condition in the workplace, you may qualify for lawsuit cash funding in addition to legal compensation for your bodily injuries from the at-fault party. Some people work in inherently dangerous environments with moving parts such as in factories operating heavy machinery. Amputations, injury to limbs and fingers or body parts are unfortunately known to occur in such workplaces.

From factories and plants that create furniture to factories that assemble various parts, such working conditions require extra caution and can be dangerous. For example, if a pipe is connected to a part but the switch is left on and the employee puts his or her arm inside the moving part unknowingly, fatal injuries can result.

OSHA inspects the employer’s premises when an accident or injury is reported to determine the cause and whether proper safety procedure, training and protocol were followed or whether the employer must be fined or cited. In workplace injuries where the safety measures taken were insufficient and bodily harm resulted in any event, not due to the employee’s negligence, you may have a legal personal injury claim for compensation under California law. If you are represented by a law firm or attorney, you may also qualify for cash funding for your lawsuit with High Rise Financial. We cater to victims of such accidents in trying to provide the cash you need to pay medical bills, piling expenses and just survive or recover while your case is being pursued.

Workplace injury cases are often litigated if the cause or liability is disputed. Such issues can prolong your case and delay your settlement or receipt of money. Call High Rise Financial today to apply for legal funding for your lawsuit. We would love to help you.

The Dangers of Trucking Accident Collisions

Automobile accidents and motor vehicle collisions are dangerous and can pose grave threats to one’s health, both physically and emotionally. The trauma upon impact can be fatal. This is especially true in accidents involving big rigs and large trucks. The weight and force of impact can be much greater than between two small compact cars.

In fact, accidents involving big trucks and rigs have a higher probability of flipping the other car or causing immediate damage and harm. Individual drivers and passengers have been known to sustain injuries ranging from burns, broken bones, amputation, paralysis, spinal cord damage and more. In the worst of cases, passengers and drivers of both vehicles may have been killed upon impact, giving rise to a potential wrongful death claim.

If you or a loved one were impacted in such a tragic accident and have an ongoing legal claim with an attorney, and need access to cash legal funding to recover and survive, contact High Rise Financial today. We provide funding and cash resources to our clients. We offer immediate review and analysis of your case to let you know if you qualify for pre-settlement lawsuit funding which is like a lawsuit loan but does not need to be repaid if the case loses.

Premier Lawsuit Funding Company in California

High Rise Financial is a leading provider of cash funding for your lawsuit. Comparable to a lawsuit loan, where cash funds are advanced for your legal claim while your attorney negotiates a settlement or continues to litigate your case in court, the money provided to you need only be repaid when your case has concluded and there is a financial settlement in place. Unlike a lawsuit loan, legal funding does not need to be repaid if you lose your legal claim and there is no monetary recovery.

We fund legal cases ranging from medical malpractice where a doctor or surgeon performed below the industry medical standard of care leading to your physical harm or bodily injury and such a claim is being prosecuted by your attorney on your behalf.

Other legal cases we fund in California and throughout Los Angeles, Orange County, Irvine, Newport Beach, Anaheim, Downtown, San Francisco, San Diego, Westwood and beyond include car, truck, pedestrian, bicycle, motorcycle, and other automobile accidents. We offer cash funding for cases including defective medical products such as hip implants used during hip implant, arthroplasty surgery or hip replacement surgery. We also fund cases involving transvaginal mesh implant surgery because of the high number of reported injuries making it a high-risk product. Some serious complications include scarring, nerve damage, erosion and corrective surgery.

Other personal injury accidents typically funded by High Rise Financial include slip and fall accidents where liability exists on the property owner or landlord. Construction accidents, injuries in the workplace and other bodily injuries resulting from negligence or recklessness where liability exists can also qualify for pre-settlement lawsuit funding.

Contact our team of legal cash funding specialists today to see if your case qualifies. The only requirement is that you have retained a lawyer or law firm on your behalf to qualify for lawsuit funding with High Rise Financial.

Types of Injuries Covered by Cash Funding

High Rise Financial provides cash funding for your lawsuit or legal case which involves personal injuries such as brain injuries, broken bones, amputations, paralysis, burn injuries, spinal cord damage, back pain and more. Depending on the circumstance and scenario of your personal injury accident, and liability against the at-fault defendant, you may be eligible for cash pre-settlement funding. Such legal funding is similar to a lawsuit loan but it is distinct in that the cash advanced need only be repaid if your case settles and if you are successful.

If you or a loved one were injured in a car accident, motorcycle accident, pedestrian accident or auto accident, slip and fall, dog bite attack, construction accidents, wrongful death cases, medical malpractice or by a defective medical product, contact High Rise Financial to qualify for access to lawsuit funding. Click here for a full list of the case types we cash fund.

When the injuries are serious and the medical bills pile up, cash funding can make all the difference. You can continue to obtain medical treatment and necessary surgeries, pay for your living expenses and bills all while your attorney continues to prosecute your case on your behalf for the best possible financial settlement.

Slip and Fall Accident Victims’ Medical Recovery

When a person, young or old, slips and falls on a crack in the concrete or on a spilled cup of water in a restaurant, he or she will likely face bodily or physical injuries. In such cases, depending on the circumstances and physical harm was done, they may decide to pursue a legal case and hire an attorney to represent them in that regard.

Slip and fall cases are prosecuted within the confines of premises liability law where negligence and recklessness are analyzed and when the ownership and control over the property are also considered. Depending on whether the accident happened on private or public property, your attorney will decide how to manage your case.

If you have substantial injuries and need extensive medical treatment or even surgery, you may need quick access to cash to continue your care and case at the same time. This is when High Rise Financial’s cash funding can be of benefit to you.

We offer accident victims of slip and falls the cash they need to continue litigating or pursuing their case. We provide legal funding on the condition, that upon settlement the funds lent are repaid with interest. To see if you qualify, contact our funding specialists today. The application process has never been simpler. Simply answer a few questions and provide your law firm’s name. We will review your case and inform you if your case qualifies for pre-settlement cash funding.

Why Choose High Rise Financial To Fund Your Legal Claim

High Rise Financial offers legal cash funding to accident victims in California. Our team offers the resources and financial aid needed to pursue your legal claim, case or lawsuit while you obtain medical treatment and pay your expenses and bills. It also enables you to pursue your case to the fullest extent possible with the guidance and help of your attorney, without needing to accept a lower settlement offer from the insurance company. We fund cases involving personal injury stemming from car accidents, construction accidents, defective medical devices, medical malpractice, motorcycle accidents and more.

The benefits are obvious. Obtain the financial security to keep your claim ongoing for the highest possible settlement and be able to live and obtain medical treatment and care to recover from your accident injuries. Similar to a lawsuit loan, cash funding for your legal claim is advanced to you. It only needs to be repaid if you are successful in your case and there is some sort of financial recovery or settlement.

Call High Rise Financial today to obtain pre-settlement legal funding. The application is quick and the response time is immediate, typically within 24 hours.

How Medical Devices Cause Injury

Medical devices can be defective or poorly designed leaving them to cause harm and bodily injury to the recipient of the device. A very common medical device that has been found to cause such injuries is a transvaginal mesh implant. Such implants seek to remedy conditions like stress urinary incontinence or a prolapsed pelvic organ. However, transvaginal mesh implants have been recently discovered to cause a host of other issues and complications such as erosion, scarring, damage to the nerve and organ perforation. Such devices are considered to be high risk for this exact reason.

While seeking to cure one problem, these implants create many more due to their poor design. The consequences are life-threatening. Transvaginal mesh implants are just one of the types of defective implants and products used in medical practice. Hip implants pose a similar concern and create a problem for users of those devices as well.

If you or a loved one used a medical device implant and were harmed, and have an ongoing legal claim or case against the manufacturer, you may be entitled to cash funding for your lawsuit.

Who Benefits from Legal Funding?

Victims of accidents and injured plaintiffs can benefit from cash funding for their legal claim. This benefits the person who needs the money today, right now to live life, pay bills, ongoing medical expenses, to cover lost income and more. For an injured person recovering from a car accident or a slip and fall or any other type of injury, the consequences of such an accident can be far reaching. The victim may be out of work as a result or on medical leave because of the nature and severity of their injuries. Without a job, how does one pay ongoing medical expenses and other costs involved in daily life? This is when High Rise Financial comes in to help such people in their times of need.

Even though you have a legal case that is ongoing, you can almost anticipate that the settlement check is not going to come today or tomorrow but months down the road and potentially even year(s). In such a case, a plaintiff would highly benefit from our funding services. Cash funding for your lawsuit could be approved in days and sent immediately. Our goal at High Rise Financial is to help injured individuals recover their lives in their most difficult days while having a financial resource and tool to allow their lawyers to continue to battle for the highest settlement possible. If we did not offer such a service, people would be encouraged and desperate to accept even the lowest offer from the other party even if it wasn’t fair or right. If you are an attorney, click here to find out more reasons why your client can benefit from pre-settlement lawsuit funding.