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We are proud to offer our first scholarship. Please click here for details if you’re interested in applying. We wish everyone good luck and looking forward to reviewing all submissions. We hope that we can help at least one student alleviate some financial hardship so they can focus on what is most important – studying!

Legal Funding vs. Lawsuit Loan for Slip and Fall Accidents and Injuries

Did you fall on privately owned property? Did you slip and fall in a Starbucks, Trader Joes, supermarket, restaurant, club or bar? Did you slip and fall as a result of a dangerous condition on the property like a puddle of water in an aisle in a supermarket? Was the condition present for a notable period of time so that the market’s employees had an opportunity to observe the dangerous condition and have notice of it with reasonable timely inspections? So many factors are considered by a court of law and attorneys involved in a slip and fall liability claim. Typically, depending on the nature of the condition and the individual’s age, the injuries can range from minor back pain to a broken hip or bone requiring surgery i.e. hip replacement.

For many victims of personal injury accidents, money is of urgent need. While the attorneys on both sides hash out legal arguments, negotiations, and potential liability claims and defenses, plaintiffs of personal injury accidents must wait patiently. If the case is being litigated, they must wait even longer.

This is why High Rise Financial Legal Funding offers a valuable resource to many slip and fall accident injured victims- pre-settlement cash legal funding. Lawsuit “loans” can be provided both pre-settlement and post-settlement (when the insurance company has not yet paid out). Similar to a cash advance, and unlike a loan that needs to be repaid, cash funding for your lawsuit is contingent on a settlement. If there is no settlement then there is no obligation on your end to repay the funding. However, if there is a settlement of any amount, then the lawsuit settlement funding must be repaid.

With expert specialists on our team, applying has never been simpler. A telephone call or online application is all that is necessary. Our team of underwriters will review your case, speak to your attorney and advise you of the decision as to whether you qualify for legal funding with High Rise Financial.

Call High Rise Financial today if you were injured in a slip and fall accident that was not your fault.

Cash Funding for Defective or Faulty Medical Devices

Did you have a transvaginal mesh implant that went wrong- causing serious injury and emotional distress? This device is known to have significant complications and is considered a high-risk medical device. Even still, it is in common use today among many in the United States. Many women have suffered personal injury as a result of transvaginal mesh implants. Such injuries include mesh erosion, nerve damage, scarring of the vagina and urinary pain. Such injuries often require corrective surgery.

Other defective medical devices High Rise Financial has provided lawsuit funding for include hip implants and IVC filters (which are designed to stop blood clots). Such devices can cause significant injury including death. To obtain a pre-settlement cash advance, call us today.

If you or a loved one has been victim to a faulty medical device such as a transvaginal mesh implant and have an attorney, you may qualify for cash funding for your lawsuit. Unlike a lawsuit loan, this funding does not need to be repaid if your claim against the third-party does not settle or if you lose your case. If you need money asap, there is a solution- legal funding for your settlement or case can be obtained through lawsuit funding services company, High Rise Financial.

Based in Los Angeles, High Rise Financial provides cash for lawsuit, loan for lawsuit and funding for lawsuit in greater California, New York and the United States.

Lawsuit “Loans” or Funding in Time for the Holidays and New Year

If your lawsuit or legal claim has not settled yet, and you are in urgent need of legal funding for your case, call High Rise Financial. With Christmas and Chanukah around the corner, families may be in need of cash funding or money sooner than their case settles.

This is an available resource to you if you are interested in pre-settlement lawsuit funding. High Rise Financial is located in Los Angeles, Calfornia and is a premier cash funding company for plaintiffs injured in personal injury accidents. Call us today to speak to a funding specialist or apply online to see whether your case qualifies for lawsuit funding.

We work directly with your attorney or law firm to obtain all necessary information about your case when determining whether you qualify for legal funding. The process is quite simple. The only requirement is that you have a licensed attorney representing you for your case.

Our underwriters are prompt and you can know within 24 hours of applying if your case qualifies. Don’t hesitate! Call us today.

Post-Thanksgiving Pre-Christmas Holiday Funding for your Legal Claim

We at High Rise Financial offer our clients who are personal injury accident plaintiffs legal cash funding for their lawsuit. We offer a 24 hour turnaround once approval by our underwriters is received. Our team speaks directly with your attorney and law firm to obtain the facts regarding your case. Since November and December are busy holiday months when the insurance company offices are generally closed or off, your legal case may have to wait a few more months.

This is why cash funding for your lawsuit can come in handy in time during the Holiday season. Although it is not a loan, it is commonly referred to as a lawsuit loan or cash advance lawsuit. If the insurance adjuster is stalling or delaying settlement of your case, and you are in urgent need of cash funds, contact High Rise Financial to see if you qualify for pre-settlement funding (also known as a pre-settlement cash advance or settlement loan).

Click here to learn about legal personal injury accident cases we fund.

Families injured in personal injury accidents often pay a price for their accident- with the long term pain, emotional suffering, and overall time lost. When it comes to their medical treatment- going to doctor visits, physical therapy, MRI, pain management and sometimes surgery is required. When it comes to paying for bills, sometimes you can’t make it to work because of the medical treatment or you simply cannot work in your current condition. So many different variables add up and the financial stress and burden can increase as a result. Instead of being desperate for your case to settle for any amount, it is possible to leverage a higher settlement with the insurance company while taking advantage of a valuable resource available to you- lawsuit funding services.

Contact High Rise Financial, a legal funding company based in Los Angeles, California but servicing California, New York and the greater United States. You can also click here to learn more about how the process of funding pre-settlement and post-settlement lawsuits works.

Motorcycle Crashes and Accidents Ruin Lives

Motorcycle accidents can be and are the most devastating type of auto accidents today. The severity of the injury can be egregious and deadly. Drivers of automobiles, trucks. tractors, trailers, buses, and bicyclists can face or cause devastation if an accident occurs with a motorcyclist.

Both passengers and drivers can be equally harmed and sustain physical bodily injury as well as pain and suffering. If you were involved in a motorcycle accident as the driver of the motorcycle, or if you were in another vehicle that sustained damage and harm as the result of the motorcyclist’s provable negligence, you may be entitled to legal cash funding for your lawsuit.

With High Rise Financial, access to lawsuit loan cash funding for your legal case has never been simpler. Our team reviews your application and provides a timely response within 24 hours after discussing and obtaining information from your attorney or legal team. Our underwriters will determine whether you qualify for legal pre-settlement lawsuit funding. However, a requirement for legal funding from us is that you have an attorney and a pending or open claim against the liable third party.

Do not hesitate to contact us to obtain further information about your claim. Click here to learn about other types of legal cases we provide legal funding to.

Were You Injured as the Result of A Doctor’s Medical Malpractice?

Did you have a plastic surgery, an implant surgery or another medical procedure which resulted in more harm to you, repeat or corrective surgery because of a doctor’s failures to adhere to the reasonable standard of industry care? If the answer is yes, you may have a legal medical malpractice claim against the doctor or hospital.

We have seen the results of disastrous surgeries and the harm they cause our clients, both physically but also mentally. For example, a client who underwent a breast augmentation procedure with fat grafting (her own body fat) which was performed by a cosmetic surgeon who was not board-certified ended up having to remove her breasts post-surgery due to an infection during the procedure. The client opted to increase her breast cup size from an A cup to a C cup. Her lawyers discovered that the sterilization process and fat which was injected into her breasts were not kept in terms and in par with industry standard. As a result, her breasts were infected. The doctor was later shown in court to have committed medical malpractice because he did not adhere to the standard of care necessary and that failure or negligence caused the client physical and tangible harm.

Medical malpractice cases can take many different forms and be the result of oversights, failures, and pure negligence. Medical malpractice can be committed by a doctor who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of surgery.

Contact us today if you have a pending legal claim for malpractice with your attorney and are interested in obtaining legal funding for your lawsuit or settlement.

Were You Injured in a Construction Accident that Wasn’t Your Fault?

If you are an employee or worker on a construction site and were involved in a personal injury accident that resulted in bodily injury or harm to you, you may have a legal claim you can pursue against the employer or general contractor running the show. If you have already consulted with a legal team, attorney or counsel, but your case is in the early stages of negotiation or litigation and you need access to legal cash funding asap, you can call High Rise Financial or apply online for pre-settlement lawsuit funding.

The legal cash funding we provide is to plaintiffs pursuing a legal claim against a wrongdoer, or liable third party. This resource is extremely useful if you are out of work as a result of your injury, have loss of income, a family to support, expenses to pay, medical treatment to receive and bills to pay. If you are in need of cash funding for your lawsuit, which is sometimes referred to as a lawsuit loan, call us today. The beauty of legal funding with High Rise Financial is that there is a zero risk on your part- meaning that if your case is unsuccessful or does not settle, you do not owe the money back or need to repay the funding. Only if there is any form of monetary settlement, will reimbursement be required.

Call High Rise Financial today if you were injured on the job site as a construction worker and need legal funding.

Were you Attacked & Injured by a Dog?

If you or a loved one was bitten, attacked or injured as a result of a dangerous dog or pet, contact a medical provider for immediate assistance. If you have retained an attorney or law firm to represent you against the dog owner or liable third party, you may qualify for cash legal funding or what is referred to as a lawsuit loan or cash advance but does not have the same implications of a loan or advance of cash. With legal settlement funding, the funds advanced to you while your legal case is pending only needs to be reimbursed or paid back if you have a settlement with the defendant or liable third party.

Pre-settlement lawsuit loan funding is available with High Rise Finacial LLP. Contact one of our team specialists to discuss the facts of your case and provide us with your attorney’s contact information. We deal directly with your attorney and obtain everything necessary from them when making a determination as to whether you qualify for legal funding. Be sure to seek immediate medical treatment if you have been injured by a dog bite.

Contact us today to learn more information about how lawsuit funding works.

The Six Most Common Types of Auto Accidents

Across California and the United States, various types of automobile accidents occur on a daily basis. Whether it is an injured motorcyclist who finds himself making a claim against a drunk driver, a trucking or trailer accident gone wrong, or a car accident with many injured passengers, the availability of pre-settlement legal cash funding is a valuable resource in your legal case. High Rise Financial offers victims of bicycle accidents, boat accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck, car, ride sharing accidents like Uber and Lyft with access to what is similar to a lawsuit cash loan or advance of cash. In the legal world, we call this pre-settlement legal funding. In some circumstances, where your case has already settled against the defendant’s insurance company, you may be entitled to post-settlement legal funding as well if the insurance company is delaying in payment.

The beauty of cash funding for your lawsuit is that it affords you the financial stability and security while your case is pending with your attorney and the defendant. If your case is in litigation and tied up in court for a long time, this may be a very necessary resource based on your financial circumstance and bodily injury as a result of the accident. Many of our clients have lost the ability to work either temporarily or permanently as a result of their car or auto accident. These are all important factors to consider when making a determination of accepting an insurance company’s initial offer for your case. If you have received significant medical treatment or have a serious bodily injury that resulted from a third-party’s negligence or reckless behavior, your case can be strengthened.

Contact one of our representatives for assistance and apply for cash funding for your lawsuit today to see if your legal case qualifies.