How Medical Devices Cause Injury

Medical devices can be defective or poorly designed leaving them to cause harm and bodily injury to the recipient of the device. A very common medical device that has been found to cause such injuries is a transvaginal mesh implant. Such implants seek to remedy conditions like stress urinary incontinence or a prolapsed pelvic organ. However, transvaginal mesh implants have been recently discovered to cause a host of other issues and complications such as erosion, scarring, damage to the nerve and organ perforation. Such devices are considered to be high risk for this exact reason.

While seeking to cure one problem, these implants create many more due to their poor design. The consequences are life-threatening. Transvaginal mesh implants are just one of the types of defective implants and products used in medical practice. Hip implants pose a similar concern and create a problem for users of those devices as well.

If you or a loved one used a medical device implant and were harmed, and have an ongoing legal claim or case against the manufacturer, you may be entitled to cash funding for your lawsuit.

Who Benefits from Legal Funding?

Victims of accidents and injured plaintiffs can benefit from cash funding for their legal claim. This benefits the person who needs the money today, right now to live life, pay bills, ongoing medical expenses, to cover lost income and more. For an injured person recovering from a car accident or a slip and fall or any other type of injury, the consequences of such an accident can be far reaching. The victim may be out of work as a result or on medical leave because of the nature and severity of their injuries. Without a job, how does one pay ongoing medical expenses and other costs involved in daily life? This is when High Rise Financial comes in to help such people in their times of need.

Even though you have a legal case that is ongoing, you can almost anticipate that the settlement check is not going to come today or tomorrow but months down the road and potentially even year(s). In such a case, a plaintiff would highly benefit from our funding services. Cash funding for your lawsuit could be approved in days and sent immediately. Our goal at High Rise Financial is to help injured individuals recover their lives in their most difficult days while having a financial resource and tool to allow their lawyers to continue to battle for the highest settlement possible. If we did not offer such a service, people would be encouraged and desperate to accept even the lowest offer from the other party even if it wasn’t fair or right. If you are an attorney, click here to find out more reasons why your client can benefit from pre-settlement lawsuit funding.

How Legal Funding Works

If you are obtaining legal funding for your lawsuit before your case has settled, the process begins with your application to the legal funding company which is the first step. When you apply to High Rise Financial, you provide us with some information about your case, injuries and your attorney’s contact information. Our team of underwriters discuss your case with your attorney and review documentation when making an evaluation as to whether your case qualifies for what is typically thought of as a lawsuit loan or cash advance but is really cash funding.

We typically respond to all requests after doing the above steps and provide an answer as to whether you qualify within 24 hours after submission of the application. If your claim qualifies, we issue the funds immediately.

The next step involves your lawyer and our team. High Rise Financial is not involved with legal decisions such as whether to settle your case or for how much. We are informed once a settlement is reached and the amount. We are then repaid from your settlement in addition to interest.

Contact us to learn more information. The application process is simple and easy.

Injuries Caused by Car Accidents

In car accidents, both drivers and passengers can be heavily impacted. Because of the weight of the vehicles themselves and the force of impact, depending on the type of car crash and how it occurred, the injuries individuals sustain can be life-threatening and debilitating.

In car accidents with big trucks and rigs, car flips may occur, fires may start and as a result bones can break and burn injuries may occur. In an automobile accident with a motorcyclist who can potentially be thrown off his or her vehicle, the injuries can be even more severe without the extra layer of protection from a windshield that a car may provide. Pedestrians are even less safe when they are in contact with a moving vehicle, motorcycle or truck. If a pedestrian is hit by a bus or car or any other vehicle, they are typically thrown into the air or run over. Those injuries can be devastating and permanent. Unfortunately, such accidents are not rare but are a common occurrence.

At High Rise Financial, we seek to offer assistance to injured victims of car and other vehicular accidents to allow such victims to obtain the necessary medical treatment to survive and recover. Many times the injuries are so severe that they cannot fully recover to their condition pre-accident. If you or a loved one was injured in a car accident and have an ongoing legal case against the other party, you may qualify for cash for your lawsuit. Contact High Rise Financial to learn more.

Prevalent Personal Injury Accidents

What exactly is a personal injury accident? What qualifies legally and what are the cases personal injury lawyers and legal funding companies like High Rise Financial typically deal with? There is a broad spectrum of cases that qualify under the law and are categorically considered to be a personal injury claim.

Premises liability claims also known as slip and fall accidents are under the umbrella of personal injury. An injured victim who falls due to a dangerous condition on property that the owner of the property reasonably should have known about or knew about, whether public or private, as long as the person is not a trespasser can create clear liability. These cases often occur on faulty public sidewalks where potholes exist. They also occur in supermarkets and aisles where a slippery substance was left behind.

Medical malpractice claims involve an injured person who underwent a medical procedure but were injured directly as the result of the doctor’s negligence or failure to act reasonably according to industry standards. Usually in such cases, the plaintiff’s lawyer will hire a medical expert to testify regarding the “reasonable” standard.

Dog bite attacks are also considered personal injury accidents. A dangerous dog or one with the propensity to bite is taken into consideration during such claims. The dog owner is typically responsible if it is shown that the dog has attacked others previously and the dog owner was negligent in handling the dog, creating the environment for the victim to be attacked. Landlords can be held liable as well if the dog has been allowed to roam the premises freely, for example, without a leash, without consequence or condemnation.

Wrongful death cases, construction accidents, nursing home negligence and other cases also qualify as personal injury accidents.

How To Qualify for Lawsuit Funding

The types of cases that allow plaintiffs to receive cash before their case or claim settles with the liable third-party include automobile accidents, personal injury incidents and injuries caused by defective or harmful medical devices.

Many scenarios, accidents and circumstances can qualify for the above. Certain factors are taken into consideration by High Rise Financial and our team of underwriters. When reviewing and evaluating your case, we will ask you if you are represented by an attorney or law firm. You must have a ongoing claim or case or be pursuing such a claim actively against the insurance company. We also review the facts of the accident and there is a liability analysis. For example, if a police report states that the other party is 100% at fault for the incident and you are 0% at fault, this will increase your chances of qualifying and receiving pre-settlement lawsuit funding.

Whether you were an insured driver at the time of the accident and whether the at-fault party has insurance are also taken into consideration. Overall, our team at High Rise Financial works directly with your attorney to obtain this information when making an assessment for legal funding for your case. Contact us today to find out whether your claim can get you the cash you urgently need.

Uber Accidents on the Rise

If you or a loved one, family member or friend were injured in an automobile accident with an Uber vehicle, your case may qualify for cash legal funding pre-settlement. If you were a passenger in an Uber driver’s vehicle and were injured or sustained damages and have an ongoing legal case or are pursuing a claim, you should consider cash funding for your lawsuit. Another scenario may involve you being a passenger or driver of the second vehicle and the Uber driver causing the accident as the driver of the first vehicle. Various scenarios may occur. The only requirement is that the evidence show that the other party is liable and caused the accident. In fact, many different auto accidents can occur and are not limited to auto vs. auto.

A car driven by an Uber driver can crash with a motorcyclist, pedestrian, truck driver and more. If you were injured in such an accident, you may be entitled to recovery for your pain and suffering and medical treatments. These are typically referred to by lawyers as general damages and special damages, respectively. Also, depending on the circumstances and the extent of your injuries, you may also have other potential claims for lost income or lost wages as well as loss of consortium if the accident so gravely affected you to affect your marriage or marital relations.

Sometimes referred to as a “lawsuit loan,” cash funding provided by High Rise Financial must only be repaid if your case is successful and there is a monetary settlement. This condition allows plaintiffs who are injured to benefit from the leverage their case holds against the liable defendant third-party. Click here to learn more about how legal funding for lawsuits work both before settlement and even after settlement but before you receive the cash from the defendant’s insurance company.

About Personal Injury Accidents

Personal injury accidents must be brought within 2 years from the date of the accident to file a civil lawsuit for injury or wrongful death according to California Code of Civil Procedure 335.1. If the date of death is different from the date of the accident or underlying incident, then the time is calculated two years from the date of death.

According to the California Office of Traffic Safety, the statistics regarding automobile, motorcycle, pedestrian and bicycle accidents have risen. Specifically, drunk driving, unrestrained drivers and passengers, lack of safety, drug impaired driving have all increased in California in 2015 and 2016.

Personal injury cases can also involve non-automobile accidents such as slip and falls, medical malpractice, defective medical products and more. Contact High Rise Financial today to see if your case qualifies for lawsuit funding if you or a loved one was involved in a personal injury accident.

Pedestrian Accident Lawsuits in California

At High Rise Financial, every victim of an automobile vs pedetrian personal injury accident has an opportunity to receive pre-settlement funding for your case depending on certain qualifications such as 1) having an attorney of record; 2) having an ongoing legal claim or lawsuit regarding personal injuries you faced and 3) other merits of your claim regarding liability and chances of success.

The law regarding automobiles and pedestrians’ respective duties is governed in part by California Vehicle Code Section 21950:
“(a) The driver of a vehicle shall yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian crossing the roadway within any marked crosswalk or within any unmarked crosswalk at an intersection, except as otherwise provided in this chapter.

(b) This section does not relieve a pedestrian from the duty of using due care for his or her safety. No pedestrian may suddenly leave a curb or other place of safety and walk or run into the path of a vehicle that is so close as to constitute an immediate hazard. No pedestrian may unnecessarily stop or delay traffic while in a marked or unmarked crosswalk.

(c) The driver of a vehicle approaching a pedestrian within any marked or unmarked crosswalk shall exercise all due care and shall reduce the speed of the vehicle or take any other action relating to the operation of the vehicle as necessary to safeguard the safety of the pedestrian.

(d) Subdivision (b) does not relieve a driver of a vehicle from the duty of exercising due care for the safety of any pedestrian within any marked crosswalk or within any unmarked crosswalk at an intersection.”

This is a primary piece of law that will be analyzed reviewed and debated when determining the chances of success depending on the depth of liability for the vehicle versus the pedestrian. As your attorney litigates your case or lawsuit against the wrongdoing third-party also known as the defendant, time and money will be spent on your claim. If the other side presents a low settlement offer which your attorney recommends against based on your injuries and medical treatment, you can still pursue your legal claim even if you are need of urgent funding or cash to continue to live your life and pay for your medical bills and other expenses.

We will work hand in hand with your pedestrian accident attorney when determining whether you qualify for cash funding for your lawsuit.

How High Rise Financial Can Help you Deal with Medical Liens

High Rise Financial is a California based legal funding company to individuals with ongoing lawsuits or legal claims. When our clients are obtaining their medical treatment, some receive medical care on a lien basis. If you are having trouble finding a doctor that accepts liens with regard to your specific injury and care, or if your doctor will not work on a lien basis, High Rise Financial can help. High Rise Financial can negotiate and offer a cash price to pay the medical provider directly.

We work with a wide spectrum of doctors and surgery centers across the medical profession including neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, pain management doctors, neurologists, podiatrists, surgeons, and plastic surgeons. However, we do not offer physical therapists or chiropractors.

Click here if you are interested in learning more about medical lien cases and legal funding options.