Lawsuit Loans Carry Risk Compared to Lawsuit Funding which Don’t

How does one know which company to select when attempting to get cash for your legal claim or personal injury lawsuit? It can seem confusing or even sound like a lawsuit loan company is offering the same benefits and risk or terms as a reputable pre-settlement legal funding company like High Rise Financial. However, a lawsuit loan or cash advance is not the same thing as lawsuit funding that comes from a lawsuit funding company. Why? A lawsuit loan carries a risk to the borrower. It must be paid back to the lender regardless of the outcome of your case.

With High Rise Financial, a legal funding company and not a lawsuit loan company, there is no risk for our clients. We provide cash funding to our clients on a non-recourse basis. What exactly does this mean? It means that if you win your case, you must pay us back. However, if you lose your claim or it is unsuccessful for any reason, you do not need to pay us back. High Rise Financial in essence carries all of the burden and risk when determining to accept an applicant’s request for legal funding for his or her case.

Also, lawsuit loan agreements can be complicated and contain language one might not fully understand and the terms of responsibility of payment can leave one guessing. High Rise Financial skips through all of that and assesses your qualification for legal cash funding based on the merits of your legal claim, after speaking with you and your attorney. Find out more of the benefits of choosing a reputable legal funding company like High Rise Financial today. We are located in California but provide funding to plaintiffs of personal injury accidents throughout the US.

Types of Injuries Arising from Personal Injury Accident Cases

High Rise Financial is a Los Angeles based pre-settlement lawsuit funding company that is superior to a lawsuit loan company in that there is no risk transferred to our clients, plaintiffs of personal injury accidents. In addition, we do not charge compound interest, only flat fee rates for cash advances for your legal case. Many types of injuries can result from personal injury accidents such as slip and falls, pedestrian clashes with cars, automobile accidents, nursing negligence and more.

Some injuries can be minor, while others can be permanent and devastating. For example, elderly victims of slip and falls due to a dangerous condition present on the premises can find themselves having a broken hip or fracture, needing corrective surgery. Car, motorcycle, bicycle, pedestrian and truck accidents can cause spinal cord injury, paralysis, amputations, burn injuries, lacerations, wounds, concussions and more. High Rise Financial works directly with your attorney or law firm regarding your legal claim to help ensure you can receive the medical treatment you so desperately need, while allowing our financial support to help facilitate a higher settlement and negotiation of your case.

Construction accidents are notorious for causing devastating damage and injury to the back including spinal cord damage and sometimes paralysis. Open skylights, unguarded railings, scaffolding that is flimsy and other unsafe conditions can all lead to catastrophic injury for its victims.

Typically, insurance companies like to immediately settle cases of high value which would convert into extremely high injuries or ones with permanent damage. This is because they cannot risk exposing themselves to huge jury verdicts awarding plaintiffs large sums of money for their settlement. Sometimes, plaintiffs who sustained serious injuries might be tempted to accept such an initial offer. However, with the expertise of your lawyer, you can battle it out for the just recovery you deserve, especially considering the types of injuries you sustained and liability that is involved in your case. High Rise Financial can offer you pre-settlement and post-settlement cash funding for your lawsuit in all 50 states. Call us today or apply online to see whether you qualify for lawsuit legal funding, the best alternative to a lawsuit loan.

Legal Funding for Dog Bite Attack Lawsuits

Dog bite attacks occur very often in the United States. In fact, close to 1,000 people are seen in emergency rooms every day due to dog attacks. Because dog is different and different breeds have more dangerous propensities to attack or bite than others, this poses both physical and emotional trauma to its victims. While your attorney is litigating your personal injury lawsuit on your behalf, you can feel safe with financial support through legal funding with High Rise Financial.

When dog attacks are serious, the injuries can be devastating and even permanent, even causing the victim to be unable to work. Such circumstances can create a lost income claim, and be even harder to support financially with mounting bills.

Unlike settlement loans, lawsuit funding with High Rise Financial is not a loan. It is cash funding given to plaintiffs or victims of personal injury lawsuits on a non-recourse basis. This means that you do not have to pay the lender back if you lose your case or if there is no settlement awarded. You only need to pay back the funding if you win your case.

Some injuries include:

  • death
  • disfigurement and scarring of the face and body
  • lacerations
  • wounds
  • fractures
  • brain trauma
  • catastrophic injury
  • rabies infection
  • suffocation
  • reflex sympathetic dystrophy

Call High Rise Financial to learn more about dog bite attack cases that qualify for pre-settlement legal funding.

Medical Malpractice Claims that Qualify for Lawsuit Funding

High Rise Financial offers victims of medical malpractice incidents, surgeries, treatment and care a financial resource to help them fight out their claim or case for as long as necessary, while not losing ground against the insurance company to be pressured into accepting a low settlement offer. Early pay days mean low offers, and when victims of medical malpractice are severely injured, they should not be inclined to give up a substantial portion of their claim if their attorney also agrees. This is when lawsuit funding company High Rise Financial can help serve your needs. With a quick application online or over the phone, High Rise Financial’s team will promptly evaluate your case to determine whether you qualify for cash funding for your lawsuit.

Medical malpractice generally means the nurse, doctor, surgeon, medical team or staff performed below the industry standard of care, causing you direct harm. Some instances of medical malpractice claims include the following:

  • failure to diagnose a condition
  • failure to diagnose cancer
  • infection
  • nursing home neglect and abuse
  • failure to prescribe proper medication
  • injuries as result of poor surgical practices
  • injuries due to poor choices of medical devices
  • mistreatment
  • gross negligence

Common Examples of Nursing Home Neglect & Abuse

Approximately one million cases of nursing home negligence and abuse occur each year. Abuse and neglect can take various forms and paths, especially when elderly patients become victims to their handlers and caretakers.

The damage and injury to our loved ones can be severe and permanent. Sadly, the injury can be emotional, physical and psychological. High Rise Financial serves to support the families and victims of nursing home negligence crimes financially while their lawsuit is pending. To have the financial security to continue living while not being leveraged into accepting a low insurance settlement offer, may better the odds of your case’s success in obtaining a higher settlement.

High Rise Financial works very closely with plaintiffs of personal injury accidents involving elderly abuse and neglect where a crime was committed. Some examples include:

  • physical abuse
  • verbal abuse
  • sexual abuse
  • bed bugs
  • bed sores
  • burns
  • seclusion and isolation from friends or family
  • lack of proper nutrition or upkeep
  • lack of hygiene upkeep

Contact High Rise Financial today to learn more about your options to fund your nursing home negligence legal case. Once you apply and qualify, the cash funds can be received within 24 hours.

What Types of Premises Liability Claims Qualify for Legal Funding?

Premises liability laws are invoked when someone is injured on the property of another, potentially a landlord or tenant. Some examples of premises liability accidents include:

  • slip and fall in a restaurant, on a sidewalk, driveway, supermarket
  • broken railing or steps on a staircase causing an accident on the stairs
  • unsafe sidewalks with defects like potholes
  • lack of safety or security
  • building code violations
  • drowning in a pool
  • scaffolding collapse or accident
  • balcony or fire escape defect
  • children’s playgrounds that are not up to safety standards or free of defects

Contact High Rise Financial, a leading cash funding company for your premises liability lawsuit to help facilitate your financial support while your case is being litigated or negotiated.

Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Funding: The Lawsuit Loan & Cash Advance Alternative

You may ask yourself what exactly is pre-settlement lawsuit funding. Terms like legal funding, cash funding, funding for your lawsuit float the internet. What is important is the credentials and obligations of your lender. For instance, legal funding companies like High Rise Financial offer legal cash funding for your legal case, based on the facts of your case and if you have retained counsel or an attorney. We fund legal cases involving automobile accidents, slip and falls, dog bites, construction accidents, medical malpractice and product liability. Unlike a lawsuit loan or cash advance, which some lenders offer, pre-settlement lawsuit funding is more reliable and less contingent.

Lawsuit loan contracts are complex and typically not straight forward. They also require a credit report and check, and some review of your personal bank accounts. High Rise Financial does not operate like lawsuit loan companies, but a professional pre-settlement and post-settlement legal funder.

Contact our team of specialists to apply for funding for your personal injury lawsuit or case today. Our underwriters evaluate your case and make a swift determination as to whether you qualify. The application is fast and simple.

What is the Statute of Limitations and How Does it Impact your Legal Claim?

The statute of limitations is a legal deadline imposed by the courts to bring a lawsuit or file your claim. The statute of limitations (SOL) to bring a personal injury lawsuit depends on the timing of the accident or injury causing incident. For example, in the state of California, a plaintiff or injured victim would need to file his or her lawsuit no later than 2 years from the date of the injury. If the injury was not discovered immediately, then the deadline to file is one year from the date the injury was discovered.

Various states apply different statutes of limitations and deadlines to bringing a personal injury action. For example, Florida applies a longer statute, allowing personal injury plaintiffs 4 years before filing their lawsuit. New Jersey carries a 2 year statute of limitations for such actions.

Click here to learn more about California law and rules governing personal injury actions. Failure to adhere to the statute risks losing standing to bring your claim altogether. Timing matters. If you or a loved one were injured in an accident involving negligence, retain an attorney today. Once you do so, you may apply to High Rise Financial for lawsuit funding to help expedite you receive cash while your case is pending or being litigated.

Tips on Hiring Personal Injury Legal Counsel

If you were injured in an automobile accident, personal injury accident such as a slip and fall or construction accident, or if you were a victim of medical malpractice or defective implants, you may need to hire an attorney. If you are considering legal counsel, you should look to make sure that personal injury is their specialty. You definitely don’t want to hire a real estate attorney to manage or litigate your car accident case. Similarly, you should look to their years of experience, client testimonials and success rates. Each of which are valuable indicators of the capabilities of a law firm.

As you interview, consider and retain representation through an attorney or law firm, you can begin to also consider the possibility of litigation funding. Case funding can be an investment into your case, rather than a lawsuit loan. Lawsuit funding can also cover your medical expenses and living expenses. Contact High Rise Financial today to see if you qualify for lawsuit funding.

Pedestrians Injured on the Road & Crosswalk

Pedestrians face many risks every time they cross the road, traffic signal or crosswalk. They face risk from unsafe or careless drivers in a rush, or possibly under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Hasty drivers cause needless deaths and severe injuries to unsuspecting pedestrians every day.

Pedestrians typically have the right of way. That is to say he or she wasn’t crossing a major intersection illegally when the cars and traffic faced a green light. Pedestrians just like drivers must be extra careful or cautious. Often times, the accident was the fault of the driver. Liability must be proved.

If you were a victim of a car accident as a pedestrian, you may have a legal claim. Be sure to consult with your attorney. If you already have an ongoing legal claim or lawsuit against the at-fault driver, you may also qualify for lawsuit funding. High Rise Financial provides our clients with quality care and cash before your lawsuit settles. The lawsuit “loan” must be repaid when your case settles or if you win a recovery. Unlike a lawsuit loan, however, the cash advanced does not need to be repaid to us if you lose your claim or there is no monetary settlement. Contact High Rise Financial to find out more and see if you can qualify. The application is short and easy and our team of underwriters can review your file within 24 hours.