Pre-Settlement Legal Funding is a Risk-Free Choice vs. a Cash Advance or Lawsuit Loan

If you were involved in an accident that was not your fault and need money prior to settlement without applying for a loan, then you’ve come to the right place!

Easy Process

No Credit Check. No review of your Financial Situation. No Job Required. No Monthly Payments.

Fast Funding

We know that you need money and need it fast. Upon approval, you can receive funding within 24 hours!

Not a Loan. No Risk.

Legal funding is not actually a lawsuit loan. That means if you don’t win your case, you don’t pay us back.

Maximize Your Lawsuit

You gain the luxury of time to work closely with your attorney to ensure the best possible settlement.

Learn How Pre-Settlement Funding Works in 4 Easy Steps

It's a Simple Process
- Get Cash in 4 Easy Steps Without Applying for a Lawsuit Loan!


Contact us and let us know you’re interested.


We speak to your attorney and collect information.


You and your attorney sign an agreement.


We send you cash right away!

Choose Legal Funding for Your Personal Injury Accident Claim

We are focused on your needs and will do all we can to provide you with a cash advance on the future settlement of your pending lawsuit today so that you and your attorney can focus on maximizing your case.

Completely Transparent

Our pricing and contract are extremely transparent. No compound interest or hidden fees.

Fast Approval Process

Our average turnaround time to approve an application is typically within one hour.

Pay Us Back Only If You Win

If you lose your lawsuit case, you owe us nothing. Not even a single penny! This is our guarantee to you.

Passionate & Dedicated Staff

Your designated case manager’s first priority is making you feel at ease. Call or email directly whenever you have questions.

About High Rise Financial

High Rise Financial is a legal funding provider based in Los Angeles, CA, but we serve clients throughout the United States. We provide victims of personal injury cases with a portion of their anticipated settlement funds before their case actually settles. The money can be used to pay monthly expenses, such as rent and car payments, and other necessities. Pre-settlement funding is not considered a cash advance or a lawsuit loan and is completely risk-free since the client has no obligation to repay us if they don’t win their lawsuit.

Most of the cases we provide funding for involve personal injuries arising from automobile and pedestrian accidents, workplace accidents and defective medical devices; however, all types of cases are considered on an individual basis.

The Benefits of Working with a Pre-Settlement Funding Company

Legal funding provides plaintiffs with extra financial security so that they are free to work with their lawyers to secure the best settlement possible.

Injury Victims

Insurance companies know that most injury victims do not have substantial financial assets at their disposal. As a result, insurers often try to drag out negotiations as long as possible in the hopes that the injured party will simply give up and accept a lower offer. By taking advantage of legal funding, you can pay your bills while you’re not able to work and have the ability to give your lawyer the adequate time needed to deal with the insurance companies appropriately.

How to Qualify for Legal Funding for your Lawsuit

High Rise Financial bases funding approval strictly on the facts of your personal injury case. Unlike a lawsuit loan, we do not factor credit, employment and financial history into the approval process. With High Rise Financial, there are also no application fees or surprise charges. Anyone who has suffered damages resulting from someone else’s negligence and has hired an attorney can potentially receive cash through legal funding before their lawsuit settles. High Rise Financial has funded plaintiffs with a wide range of injuries, from soft tissue damage to traumatic brain injury. Most applicants who are approved receive their cash within 24 to 48 hours after approval.

Since accident victims are burdened enough with the physical, emotional, and financial hardships of their injuries, High Rise Financial is committed to making the application process as simple as possible. Once the client provides the name and contact information of their attorney, we handle the rest by sending the necessary paperwork to their attorney. If the plaintiff successfully settles or is awarded a jury verdict, the attorney handles the repayment out of the proceeds.

There is no need for accident victims to lose another night’s sleep worrying about their finances. Our specialists are available 24-hours a day. Call (866) 407-6404 for more information or to begin the application process.

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