Types of Injuries Covered by Cash Funding

High Rise Financial provides cash funding for your lawsuit or legal case which involves personal injuries such as brain injuries, broken bones, amputations, paralysis, burn injuries, spinal cord damage, back pain and more. Depending on the circumstance and scenario of your personal injury accident, and liability against the at-fault defendant, you may be eligible for cash pre-settlement funding. Such legal funding is similar to a lawsuit loan but it is distinct in that the cash advanced need only be repaid if your case settles and if you are successful.

If you or a loved one were injured in a car accident, motorcycle accident, pedestrian accident or auto accident, slip and fall, dog bite attack, construction accidents, wrongful death cases, medical malpractice or by a defective medical product, contact High Rise Financial to qualify for access to lawsuit funding. Click here for a full list of the case types we cash fund.

When the injuries are serious and the medical bills pile up, cash funding can make all the difference. You can continue to obtain medical treatment and necessary surgeries, pay for your living expenses and bills all while your attorney continues to prosecute your case on your behalf for the best possible financial settlement.

How Medical Devices Cause Injury

Medical devices can be defective or poorly designed leaving them to cause harm and bodily injury to the recipient of the device. A very common medical device that has been found to cause such injuries is a transvaginal mesh implant. Such implants seek to remedy conditions like stress urinary incontinence or a prolapsed pelvic organ. However, transvaginal mesh implants have been recently discovered to cause a host of other issues and complications such as erosion, scarring, damage to the nerve and organ perforation. Such devices are considered to be high risk for this exact reason.

While seeking to cure one problem, these implants create many more due to their poor design. The consequences are life-threatening. Transvaginal mesh implants are just one of the types of defective implants and products used in medical practice. Hip implants pose a similar concern and create a problem for users of those devices as well.

If you or a loved one used a medical device implant and were harmed, and have an ongoing legal claim or case against the manufacturer, you may be entitled to cash funding for your lawsuit.