Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Funding: The Lawsuit Loan & Cash Advance Alternative

You may ask yourself what exactly is pre-settlement lawsuit funding. Terms like legal funding, cash funding, funding for your lawsuit float the internet. What is important is the credentials and obligations of your lender. For instance, legal funding companies like High Rise Financial offer legal cash funding for your legal case, based on the facts of your case and if you have retained counsel or an attorney. We fund legal cases involving automobile accidents, slip and falls, dog bites, construction accidents, medical malpractice and product liability. Unlike a lawsuit loan or cash advance, which some lenders offer, pre-settlement lawsuit funding is more reliable and less contingent.

Lawsuit loan contracts are complex and typically not straight forward. They also require a credit report and check, and some review of your personal bank accounts. High Rise Financial does not operate like lawsuit loan companies, but a professional pre-settlement and post-settlement legal funder.

Contact our team of specialists to apply for funding for your personal injury lawsuit or case today. Our underwriters evaluate your case and make a swift determination as to whether you qualify. The application is fast and simple.