The Many Uses & Benefits Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Funding Offers

Many law firms aren’t aware of just how useful pre-settlement funding can be. Here are some useful tools for attorneys looking for legal funding for their clients or doctors on lien. The lesser-known uses for pre-settlement funding include:

  • Uber or Lyft: If your client is unable to drive or has lost the use of their car due to the accident, they can use pre-settlement funding to obtain private transportation such as Uber or Lyft.
  • Rural Healthcare Providers: High Rise Financial can help you find lien-based doctors. However, in remote regions where no lien-based healthcare providers are available, pre-settlement funding can be used as an alternative funding source to seek available medical care.
  • Access to Rare Specialists: While there are many lien-based healthcare providers available in some fields, there are other fields in which there are a limited number of lien-based doctors, e.g. neuropsychology, audiology, bariatric surgery, cardiology, ENT, gastroenterology, nephrology, psychiatry, and even pediatrics. Pre-settlement funding can help patients gain access to these specialists.
  • Funeral and Hospice Services: If someone in the victim’s family is gravely injured or killed in the accident, pre-settlement funding can be used to provide end-of-life care and funeral costs.
  • Cover Gaps in Insurance Coverage & Deductibles: If your client uses their health insurance instead of lien-based doctors, pre-settlement funding can be used to cover the care and expenses insurance does not. Examples of this include covering gaps in coverage and/or denied procedures, devices, or paying off high deductibles
  • Implants & Medical Accessories: Some providers require that certain medical implants be paid for in full in advance of surgery and do not accept liens for the implants; pre-settlement funding can be used to cover the cost of these implants before surgery. In addition, funding can be used to pay for medically necessary accessories such as wheelchairs, medications, etc.

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