A Legal Funding Company for Personal Injury Plaintiffs

The beauty of the field of law is that it allows the opportunity to individuals who have been harmed to recover financially and seek justice for themselves and their loved ones. As a premier lawsuit funding company, High Rise Financial sees the value in the service it provides exclusively to injured victims of personal injury, automobile accidents and defective products who become plaintiffs in their legal actions.

We provide not only a financial support mechanism in troubling times. We also provide a safety net for you while you need access to cash but your case is still pending, being litigated or negotiated by your attorney. In all of these situations, you may be facing medical bills, other expenses, and the cost of daily living might be too much if you are out of work or unable to work as a result of the underlying accident. Click here for a complete list of the types of cases and lawsuits we fund.

The benefits of a pre-settlement lawsuit loan or cash funding are obvious. First, you are able to obtain cash you need to continue living and supporting your family before your case has settled and before you have seen any money from the defendant’s insurance company. Second, your attorney can negotiate a higher settlement on your behalf as you do not feel the financial pressure or burden to accept a lower offer from the insurance company. Third, the cash funds given to you by High Rise Financial is done on a non-recourse basis. This means that your case is thoroughly evaluated by our analysts and once we review your application and approve it, you will not owe us any money back if your case does not settle or if you for some reason lose your claim. We carry the entire risk and the burden lies with us. These are just a few examples of the ways in which accident victims can find a helpful resource to fight another day. Applying online is simple and easy.