Medical Malpractice Claims that Qualify for Lawsuit Funding

High Rise Financial offers victims of medical malpractice incidents, surgeries, treatment and care a financial resource to help them fight out their claim or case for as long as necessary, while not losing ground against the insurance company to be pressured into accepting a low settlement offer. Early pay days mean low offers, and when victims of medical malpractice are severely injured, they should not be inclined to give up a substantial portion of their claim if their attorney also agrees. This is when lawsuit funding company High Rise Financial can help serve your needs. With a quick application online or over the phone, High Rise Financial’s team will promptly evaluate your case to determine whether you qualify for cash funding for your lawsuit.

Medical malpractice generally means the nurse, doctor, surgeon, medical team or staff performed below the industry standard of care, causing you direct harm. Some instances of medical malpractice claims include the following:

  • failure to diagnose a condition
  • failure to diagnose cancer
  • infection
  • nursing home neglect and abuse
  • failure to prescribe proper medication
  • injuries as result of poor surgical practices
  • injuries due to poor choices of medical devices
  • mistreatment
  • gross negligence