Legal Funding vs. Lawsuit Loan for Slip and Fall Accidents and Injuries

Did you fall on privately owned property? Did you slip and fall in a Starbucks, Trader Joes, supermarket, restaurant, club or bar? Did you slip and fall as a result of a dangerous condition on the property like a puddle of water in an aisle in a supermarket? Was the condition present for a notable period of time so that the market’s employees had an opportunity to observe the dangerous condition and have notice of it with reasonable timely inspections? So many factors are considered by a court of law and attorneys involved in a slip and fall liability claim. Typically, depending on the nature of the condition and the individual’s age, the injuries can range from minor back pain to a broken hip or bone requiring surgery i.e. hip replacement.

For many victims of personal injury accidents, money is of urgent need. While the attorneys on both sides hash out legal arguments, negotiations, and potential liability claims and defenses, plaintiffs of personal injury accidents must wait patiently. If the case is being litigated, they must wait even longer.

This is why High Rise Financial Legal Funding offers a valuable resource to many slip and fall accident injured victims- pre-settlement cash legal funding. Lawsuit “loans” can be provided both pre-settlement and post-settlement (when the insurance company has not yet paid out). Similar to a cash advance, and unlike a loan that needs to be repaid, cash funding for your lawsuit is contingent on a settlement. If there is no settlement then there is no obligation on your end to repay the funding. However, if there is a settlement of any amount, then the lawsuit settlement funding must be repaid.

With expert specialists on our team, applying has never been simpler. A telephone call or online application is all that is necessary. Our team of underwriters will review your case, speak to your attorney and advise you of the decision as to whether you qualify for legal funding with High Rise Financial.

Call High Rise Financial today if you were injured in a slip and fall accident that was not your fault.