Faulty, Failed or Defective Medical Devices like Hip Implants, Transvaginal Mesh and More

Defective medical devices on the market are now a common occurrence. Unfortunately, with trial and error, it is learned that a product has failed to work or function as represented or warranted by the manufacturer. Often times, since doctors are implementing, using or otherwise recommending the use of a medical device- cases for product liability may be intertwined with a medical malpractice claim against your health care provider.

Defective or failed medical equipment or devices that are specifically inserted into the body are the types of products that usually form the basis of a lawsuit in a product liability case. We often see patients become victims of failed hip implants, transvaginal mesh and defective IVC filters (which are inserted intoto the body to stop blood clots). High Rise Financial LLC offers such victims financial assistance in the form of pre-settlement and post-settlement legal funding. Although commonly referred to as a lawsuit loan or cash advance, this type of funding is not a loan in the sense that it is only paid back from your settlement if there is one. If you do not have any recovery against the liable party or insurance company, then there will be no repayment of the cash funding for your case.

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