Common Examples of Nursing Home Neglect & Abuse

Approximately one million cases of nursing home negligence and abuse occur each year. Abuse and neglect can take various forms and paths, especially when elderly patients become victims to their handlers and caretakers.

The damage and injury to our loved ones can be severe and permanent. Sadly, the injury can be emotional, physical and psychological. High Rise Financial serves to support the families and victims of nursing home negligence crimes financially while their lawsuit is pending. To have the financial security to continue living while not being leveraged into accepting a low insurance settlement offer, may better the odds of your case’s success in obtaining a higher settlement.

High Rise Financial works very closely with plaintiffs of personal injury accidents involving elderly abuse and neglect where a crime was committed. Some examples include:

  • physical abuse
  • verbal abuse
  • sexual abuse
  • bed bugs
  • bed sores
  • burns
  • seclusion and isolation from friends or family
  • lack of proper nutrition or upkeep
  • lack of hygiene upkeep

Contact High Rise Financial today to learn more about your options to fund your nursing home negligence legal case. Once you apply and qualify, the cash funds can be received within 24 hours.