Accident Victims in Texas Can Apply for Lawsuit Funding with High Rise Financial

High Rise Financial offers a variety of legal funding resources to plaintiffs and victims of personal injury accidents suing the liable third party. For example, we offer 1) pre-settlement lawsuit funding (prior to your case settling) and 2) post-settlement cash funding (after your case settles but before you receive the money from the insurance company or defendant.

The types of cases we fund include accidents where a person is injured as the result of someone else’s negligence or recklessness. This can involve a drunk driver and pedestrian in the form of a car accident. It can also take the form of a slip and fall case in a restaurant where a drink was spilled on the floor and not timely wiped down or cleaned up, causing injury to a lawful patron of the restaurant. Another example would include medical malpractice where a doctor or licensed surgeon operated below the legal industry standard of care, causing you direct physical and bodily harm. Dog bite attacks are also common and very harmful to our clients, often requiring corrective surgery, hospital treatment, physical therapy and rehabilitation. Sadly, construction accidents may pose one of the biggest types of physical threats of harm to its victims. Unprotected openings in projects and buildings that pose safety threats where a construction worker can fall through or other OSHA violations may create safety issues and harm. All of these are the types of cases High Rise Financial would offer cash funding for your lawsuit or legal claim.

How the Application Process for Lawsuit Funding Works

You can apply online or over the phone by providing your contact information, your attorney’s contact information and brief description of your case or accident to our team of specialists. Unlike a lawsuit loan or cash advance, your credit is never run or tracked. After you apply, we will contact your lawyer to obtain additional information while making our determination of providing cash funding for your case. Once approved, applicants can expect to receive the funds within 24 hours. We believe in prompt and immediate service and attention to all our clients, which is why we are in this industry to begin with.

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