Mark Berookim is a Principal & Co-Founder of High Rise Financial LLC

Mark Berookim is one of the principals and co-founders of High Rise Financial LLC, a legal funding company based in Los Angeles, California. Mark believes in providing a fundamental resource to victims of personal injury accidents who cannot help themselves financially while they are litigating or pursuing their legal claim against a negligent third-party.

High Rise Financial LLC now funds legal cases across the United States involving plaintiffs injured in most types of accidents due to another's negligence. Early on, the owners of High Rise Financial, Mark Berookim and Michael Berookim, saw the need for pre-settlement (before your case settles) and post-settlement (after your case settles but does not pay out immediately) lawsuit funding. While it is rare in the legal industry for the law to be in everyone’s favor, High Rise Financial LLC seeks to provide every personal injury accident victim with a fair chance. By providing this valuable service to those in need, our clients are better able to navigate their legal case with their attorney’s assistance without being in a rush to settle for less than they deserve.

High Rise Financial LLC has directly funded many victims, enabling them to recover from their injuries and pay for their living expenses even when their income is no longer sufficient to pay for basic necessities.

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