Michael Berookim is a Co-Founder of High Rise Financial LLC

Michael Berookim is a principal and co-founder of High Rise Financial LLC, a lawsuit funding company that provides cash to victims of personal injury ranging from motorcycle accidents and pedestrian accidents to dog bites and slip and falls. High Rise Financial seeks to help fill a void, to help personal injury accident victims better their odds of fighting for a better settlement while not having to wait to receive their settlement funds to obtain medical treatment, recover from their injuries or obtain money to pay for the bills and expenses of daily life.

Many times, the families of personal injury accident victims suffer. For example, in a trucking accident, an injured father and husband who is unable to work after an accident may need urgent access to legal funding. Without such legal funding, an injured victim who is otherwise entitled to a fair settlement may be inclined to accept a lower offer from an insurance company that would probably come sooner than a higher negotiated settlement. High Rise Financial’s principals, Mark Berookim and Michael Berookim, know this is too true. To help ease that burden on countless families across the United States, Michael Berookim began this endeavor to even the playing field for personal injury victims and give them a fair chance. Access to legal funding for a lawsuit or legal claim is vital to fairness not only in the legal process but also in life. High Rise Financial chooses to be that resource.

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