Legal Funding for Slip and Fall Lawsuit

Residential and commercial property owners and landlords have a duty to ensure that their property meets certain safety standards. Owners can be held legally liable if their failure to remedy a hazardous situation on their property results in an injury to another person. A personal injury lawsuit is a way for an injured party to receive compensation for their physical, psychological, and financial damages. Unfortunately, the severity of the injuries and the protracted nature of personal injury cases can create a significant financial burden for the injured party and their family. High Rise Financial, a leading settlement funding company, is committed to providing financial support to plaintiffs in premises liability cases.

What Is Pre-Settlement Financing?

Legal funding allows injured parties to get cash now instead of waiting for months or years for their case to reach a final settlement. The amount of cash made available depends on the type and severity of the injuries and the anticipated amount of the settlement. The money is not considered a cash advance or a loan. Unlike a traditional loan that has to be repaid regardless of the outcome of the case, High Rise Financial Legal Funding only requires the funds to be repaid if and when the plaintiff successfully recovers a settlement.

Types of Premises Liability Cases Eligible for Funding:

Serious injuries resulting from a property owner’s negligence can occur anywhere, including a public building or even a neighbor’s home or yard. Common situations giving rise to a premises liability claim include falls caused by improperly maintained stairways or sidewalks, failure to provide adequate security, and building code violations. There is a tendency for property owners to blame the injured party by saying that they were simply inattentive and should have been paying closer attention to what they were doing. That means that it is essential that anyone injured on someone else’s property contact an attorney as soon as possible to preserve their legal rights. Arranging for legal representation is also the first step in qualifying for funding through High Rise Financial.

Benefits of Contacting High Rise Financial Legal Funding:

Legal financing through us can ease the burden of meeting financial obligations while pursuing a premises liability claim. The funds can be used to pay rent, household expenses, medical bills, or any other needs. The application process only takes a few minutes and can be completed over the phone. Applying is also risk-free since there are no upfront fees and no repayment unless the case is successfully settled. No one should see their financial security compromised because of a property owner’s negligence. We can help by providing cash in as little as 24 hours. Call (866) 407-6404 to speak with a friendly and knowledgeable funding specialist.

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