Legal Funding for Personal Injury Lawsuits

Being injured in an accident can take a toll on a person’s finances. Fortunately, there is hope. Plaintiffs who choose to file lawsuits nationwide can receive funding from High Rise Financial Legal Funding. This is not a cash advance, and this type of funding can help people stay afloat financially while their cases wait to be decided.

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A Source of Financial Support

Personal injury lawsuits often go through a prolonged legal process before they are settled. While plaintiffs wait to be awarded their settlement funds, High Rise Financial can provide financing that makes it possible to pay bills and manage other financial responsibilities.

Types of Personal Injuries Covered

We offer funding to help people who have suffered from many types of personal injuries. Some of the most common types of personal injuries that High Rise Financial covers financially include:

  • Workplace accidents
  • Assault and battery
  • Birth injuries
  • Dog bites
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Wrongful death

Reasons to Apply

There are many reasons why this funding option is ideal for personal injury sufferers. Some of the main reasons why a person should consider applying include:

  • Easy Qualification – Almost anyone who is injured because of the gross negligence of another party and hires an attorney automatically qualifies for pre-settlement payments. The specific facts of each case determine eligibility.
  • Quick Application Process – The application process can be completed quickly and does not require any paperwork. People who have poor credit or unverifiable incomes may still apply.
  • Risk-Free Funding – High Rise Financial never asks for up-front fees to be paid.
  • Greater Financial Freedom – The legal financing provided by High Rise Financial makes it possible to make car payments, pay rent and take care of other financial responsibilities with greater financial freedom.
  • No Need to Accept Low Insurance Offers – Insurance companies are known to offer plaintiffs as little money as possible when trying to reach settlements. With the money provided by High Rise Financial Funding, you and your loved ones do not have to accept devalued offers and have more bargaining power.

Things to Consider Before Applying

Before applying for High Rise Financial lawsuit funding, it is important to examine a few factors. Anyone who wishes to apply should check to see if their lawyer is willing to work with a financing company. If the lawyer refuses, we cannot grant funds to the client. It is also important to apply only for the amount of money that is absolutely needed.

Anyone who is interested in receiving money while awaiting their settlement funding from their personal injury case is encouraged to apply with High Rise Financial. The hassle-free application requires no paperwork, up-front fees, credit checks or employment verifications. Since the specifics of each personal injury case are all that matter, no personal financial information is taken into account while an approval decision is pending.

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