Law Firms and Attorneys Can Benefit by Offering Legal Funding to Their Clients

Lawsuit funding for your clients will allow your practice to allocate the proper time and attention to every case so that it can be settled at its full potential value.

Oftentimes, clients have pressing financial needs and as such are unable to wait for their potential settlements. Unfortunately, this can force their attorney to settle their claim for pennies on the dollar.

We take pride in the fact that most of our business comes from law firms who refer their clients to us. Word of mouth is the best compliment we can receive.

We Do All the Work!

  • We will coordinate everything from A to Z with your client.
  • Only one form to fill out for each case manager—we don’t need stacks of paperwork!
  • Easy online process.

Conservative Funding Amounts

We encourage your clients to consider legal funding after they’ve exhausted other means including personal savings, friends or family. High Rise Financial provides cash funding immediately upon approval and authorization by our underwriters. We strive to provide your client with the flexibility and ability to cover his or her living expenses and urgent needs, while you as the attorney proceed with negotiating and settling his or her case. Our intention is to not interfere with your ability to settle the case.

Avoiding Low Settlements

When clients are desperate for any source of income or money that they look to their legal case for, they may put pressure on their attorney(s) or law firm to hurry their case up so they can get their settlement check sooner and pay that bill or debt off sooner. Time is of the essence. Sometimes, clients forget that they are playing into the hands of the insurance company by accepting a low settlement offer.  Obviously, where warranted, an attorney would advise not to accept such an offer if it is against the best interest of the client. Cash lawsuit funding provides an avenue and a resource to both attorneys and clients, who can benefit from riding out the wave of pressure the insurance company may exert. Legal funding from High Rise Financial can give breathing room to your client so they don’t come across to the insurance companies as desperate, which often results in an increased settlement figure and a win-win for everyone (except for the insurance company).

We Provide Relief to Your Clients

Clients are interested in how their cases are going. Often times, clients are worried and devoutly relying upon the outcome and proceeds of any settlement and recovery and want to be fully apprised every step of the way regarding any contact or correspondence with the insurance adjuster. Choosing a non-recourse cash funding from High Rise Financial helps your clients pay basic life necessities. In this way, you are also given the added value and benefit of more time to focus on your negotiations and dealings with the insurance company to collect a more positive settlement for your client.