Legal Funding for Construction Accident Lawsuit

Construction accidents can take a toll physically, emotionally and financially on the people they affect. According to statistics by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), more than 700 fatalities occur among construction workers each year. This equates to roughly one in five of all worker deaths being in the construction industry.

Anyone who is injured while working in construction may be entitled to legal funding through High Rise Financial. This type of funding is intended to help people get by as they await settlement money from their lawsuits. The money awarded is often in addition to the money that injured workers receive from their workers' compensation claims.

Injured Employee Compensation

Social Security benefits and/or workers' compensation may be available to those injured on the job at a construction site. Personal injury litigation can be pursued for additional money if the accident was caused by a third party's negligence. Pre-settlement lawsuit funding is offered to people who:

• Did not receive sufficient warning about hazardous conditions at a jobsite
• Were forced to work in an unsafe environment by an employer
• Never received sufficient training by the employer, contractor or property owner
• Had to work with faulty tools and/or structural supports

A Source of Financial Support

Lawsuits and workers' compensation claims are often processed slowly, which causes delays for injured workers who are waiting for their money. Through legal funding provided by High Rise Financial, you can receive money in the meantime to cover your living expenses and medical bills. This pre-settlement legal funding is not a cash advance and can be a lifeline for people who have lost wages because of their injuries.

Types of Construction Accidents that are Eligible for Legal Funding

Many kinds of accidents can happen on the job and High Rise Financial is available to help hardworking construction professionals get their lives back on track. We provide coverage for people who were injured due to events such as:

• Falling objects
• Mold inhalation
• Fires or explosions
• Toxic fumes
• Scaffolding collapses
• Electrocution by exposed wires

Click here to learn about other types of construction accident site cases where injury is involved and litigation may occur.

Get Cash in as Little as 24 Hours After Approval

Money can be deposited in your bank account in as little as 24 hours after you've been approved! This money is not considered a cash advance or a lawsuit loan, although it is sometimes referred to as such, and can be spent without restrictions. In addition to paying the fees that are directly related to the accident and pursuing litigation, injured workers can use this money to pay for rent, groceries, car payments and other important expenses. No employment verifications or credit checks are needed to qualify. Approval decisions are based on each specific case including the circumstances and the facts of the lawsuit.

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