Lawsuit Financing Available to Personal Injury Accident Victims in Orange County

If you are resident of Orange County who was injured by the negligence of another in an accident, you may need immediate access to cash funding for your lawsuit before it settles. Good news – you can apply to have your lawsuit financed by High Rise Financial, a nationwide lawsuit financing company based in Los Angeles, so you can allow your attorneys to fully pursue your case while you are able to recover from your injuries and continue paying your medical bills and daily living expenses.

Recovering compensation for your injuries through a lawsuit or litigation can take months or even years, putting you under financial pressure and leaving you without the financial support you need for medical and living expenses if you are unable to work and pay for family life. Don’t let that happen to you or your loved ones.

What is Lawsuit Financing?

Pre-settlement legal financing from High Rise Financial is cash funding but is not a cash advance or a lawsuit loan. It is legal funding, cash funds which are given to help you continue living, receiving medical treatment and care, pay for your daily cost of living and that of your loved ones while your attorney litigates your case. You won’t have to wait until you get a settlement or court award in the future. 24 hours or less is all it takes for you to get the funds you need for your personal expenses while your attorney litigates your personal injury claim or negotiates settlement.

The beauty of lawsuit funding is that it must only be paid back to us if you win your case or if there is a settlement to compensate for your injuries. There is no risk involved. It is a win-win situation!

Traffic Accidents are the Main Cause of Injuries

Traffic accidents and injuries occur frequently and can wreck havoc in your life, when the physical injury is severe as well as the damage. You know you will qualify for lawsuit funding with High Rise Financial in Orange County, California if you sustained an injury from a company or individual who was negligent. There are many ways that you could be injured, but the number one cause in California are traffic accidents due to the high population and congested roadways in Orange County. In fact, many of the most serious accidents take place on the huge California super highways.

Below are some traffic accident cases that qualify for legal funding:

Pre-Settlement Cash Funding: The “Cash Advance or Lawsuit Loan” Alternative

High Rise Financial offers the opportunity to apply for lawsuit funding to all Orange County and California residents or accident victims. In almost all cases, if your accident happened in California and you sustain consequential injuries, you should apply for legal funding. The application is simple and should only take a few minutes.

You do not need credit to apply and a credit report will not be pulled and reviewed. Just provide your name, telephone number, and contact information for your attorney. The approval process is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Your attorney will work with us to take care of the details of the application since they know the facts of your case best. If the attorney fails to win your personal injury case, our funding is what is called “non-recourse,” so we can’t ask for you to pay us back. All the risk is on High Rise Financial, and you are off the hook once our team of underwriters evaluate your case and approve your application for pre-settlement lawsuit funding.

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