Legal Funding vs. Lawsuit Loan for Motorcycle Accident Victims

Motorcycles are an exciting way to enjoy the open road. Unfortunately, the small size of motorcycles and the lack of protection from various road hazards make motorcycle riders particularly vulnerable in the event of a collision. In fact, motorcyclists have a 35 times higher risk of experiencing a catastrophic injury during a collision than someone in a car. The impact of a motorcycle accident does not stop with the physical injuries. Medical bills and lost income while unable to work can quickly drain any savings and leave the victim drowning in debt. A personal injury lawsuit is the most common way for the accident victim and their family to recover compensation for their damages; however, most victims do not have sufficient financial resources to stay afloat until their case settles. High Rise Financial is a legal financing company that provides immediate financial support to plaintiffs injured in a motorcycle accident and other personal injury cases.

I was severely injured in a motorcycle accident and needed some money to cover my living and daily expenses since I was out of work and couldn’t afford to be. High Rise Financial gave me the lawsuit loan I needed to help get me back on my feet. I can’t thank them enough.” Nikki G.

Legal Funding is Not a Lawsuit Loan or Cash Advance

Pre-settlement funding is a risk-free way to receive cash now based on the anticipated settlement in a personal injury case. The application process is fast and free, and there are no upfront charges. With High Rise Financial, no payments are required until the case settles. If the case does not end in a monetary recovery, the client does not have to repay High Rise Financial anything. By alleviating the immediate financial burden, settlement funding eases the pressure on the accident victim to accept a quick settlement for less than they deserve.

High Rise Financial has helped individuals injured in motorcycle accidents caused by a number of different factors, including distracted or impaired drivers and roadway defects. Qualifying for funding is based on the facts of the client’s case; however, most individuals injured in a motorcycle accident caused by the negligence of someone else are eligible. All High Rise Financial funding specialists need to begin the approval process is the contact information of the client’s attorney. There are no embarrassing financial or employment questions involved. In most cases, clients receive their cash within 24 hours. Although based in California, High Rise Financial Legal Funding has provided financial assistance to clients throughout the country.

The physical and emotional effects of a motorcycle accident can last for years. We are committed to ensuring that accident victims are not victimized a second time as they seek justice through the courts. Funding specialists are available to help injured individuals ease their financial struggles. Call (866) 407-6404 today for more information.

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