Legal Funding for Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

Every year, the courts award billions of dollars in damages to victims of medical malpractice or negligence. The Journal of the American Medical Association lists medical malpractice injuries as this country’s third leading cause of death. The injuries sustained as the result of medical malpractice or negligence can last a lifetime, and the victim may be left unable to work or even perform basic activities of daily living. In addition to a decreased quality of life, victims of medical malpractice often face a significant financial burden as the result of their injuries. High Rise Financial is a legal funding company that helps medical malpractice plaintiffs get immediate access to cash as they focus on recovery and work with their attorney to settle their case.

Hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and health care providers are backed by teams of lawyers and insurance companies to protect them in the event of a medical malpractice lawsuit. This means that the plaintiff is often outmanned and out financed. Insurance companies often use a variety of tactics to drag out the litigation as long as possible in the hopes that the plaintiff will become desperate and accept a lower settlement than they truly deserve. Pre-settlement funding is a way for plaintiffs to regain power by providing immediate financial security.

Types of Medical Malpractice Claims Eligible for Funding:

High Rise Financial provides legal financing for a wide range of medical malpractice claims, including failure to properly diagnose or prescribe proper medications, post-surgical infections, and complications caused by poor surgical practices or faulty medical devices.

Benefits of Contacting High Rise Financial:

Applying for funding through HRF alleviates the pressure to accept a quick settlement. Since no repayment is required if the malpractice claim is not successful, the funds are not a loan or cash advance. With High Rise Financial, there are no upfront or hidden fees, so applying is completely risk-free.

High Rise Financial prides itself on providing best-in-industry customer service and making the application process as simple as possible. With one short phone call to HRF, plaintiffs can have cash in hand in as little as 24 hours. Employment and income verification are not required, and there is no need to supply a car title or other security. High Rise Financial also offers the lowest rate in the industry. There is no need to struggle under a mountain of debt while waiting months or even years for a medical malpractice claim to settle. Contact us today to speak with a legal funding expert.

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