Medical Devices

High Rise Financial offers lawsuit funding while your case settles. Specifically, we offer funding for personal injury accidents and incidents involving medical devices which are faulty or defective. This includes transvaginal mesh devices, hip implants and hernia mesh devices among other medical equipment which cause injury or bodily harm to you or your loved one. If the device is defective or poorly designed within the industry standard and you have legal representation, you may qualify for pre-settlement funding while your attorney negotiates and fights your legal battle for you.

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In the event you were injured by a faulty medical device, you likely sustained significant medical treatment to correct or repair the damage caused by the defect. Medical treatments and repair surgeries to remove a faulty device that has been implanted in the body can be expensive. Your medical bills can be high especially where major surgery is involved. You or your loved one may have a valuable claim against the manufacturer or distributor of that device in addition to any applicable insurance companies that provided them with coverage. Individuals can apply for legal funding at almost any stage of their claim or case: you can apply if your claim is in court and is in the litigation phase, or if it is still being negotiated by your attorney and a claims adjuster before a lawsuit has been filed. If you need cash funds to pay for your living expenses, medical bills and lost income as a result, you can apply for legal funding with High Rise Financial. The application process is simple. You can expect a response within 24 hours from our team of specialists. An underwriter will review the facts of your case and be in touch with your attorney when making the evaluation as to whether you qualify for cash funding for your legal claim. Apply online today if you have been injured by a poorly designed or defective medical device!

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