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Deadline to File your Personal Injury Lawsuit in Lousiana

Important considerations for residents of Lousiana filing their personal injury claim or lawsuit there is the statute of limitations, a legal deadline that must be complied with to preserve your claim. In Lousiana, the statute of limitations is one year from the date of the accident. If you fail to file your lawsuit in court before the one year lapses, you may forfeit your claim under a Lousiana court. In this state, the courts follow a comparative fault doctrine which means your recovery and damages will be reduced according to any fault that is allocated to you. This is typically done on a percentage basis. For example, if a judge or jury deems that you the plaintiff were 20% at fault or to blame for the incident, then your potential settlement or recovery awarded will be deducted by said amount.

Interesting Facts about Lousiana Law

For dog bite attacks, the dog owner is held 100% liable for the actions of their dog, regardless of propensity or past behavior. Another interesting fact is the monetary cap on medical malpractice actions in Lousiana. There is a cap of $500,000 that can be awarded to a medical malpractice victim. The caveat is that the liable party will only be required to pay $100,000 of the funds while the state's Patient Compensation Fund will cover the rest and pay it to the personal injury plaintiff.

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