High Rise Financial Funds Personal Injury, Auto Accidents and Defective Medical Device Lawsuits in Los Angeles

At High Rise Financial, victims of car collisions in Los Angeles as well as other personal injury cases can qualify for pre-settlement lawsuit funding similar to a lawsuit loan or cash advance. The settlement funds from High Rise Financial are not considered a cash advance or a loan, although they are offered on a non-recourse basis. This means that if a plaintiff loses his or her case or there is no settlement recovery, then he or she does not need to pay High Rise Financial back.

The offices of High Rise Financial are located in Western LA. We are a company that helps clients cope with the financial struggles of their injury case while enhancing the chances of a better and higher settlement outcome.

Personal Injury Cases We Fund involving Negligence & Liability

Los Angeles pre-settlement financing is a resource for auto accident victims as well as other personal injury accidents. We offer cash funding similar to a cash advance for cases involving premises liability such as slip and fall injuries, dog bite attacks, construction accidents, workplace injuries, nursing home negligence, medical malpractice and more. High Rise Financial gives settlement funding to these victims within a day so they do not have to wait any longer. Plaintiffs have nothing to lose when applying for cash funding, but must pay it back out of their ultimate settlement with interest.

People can be injured in different types of accidents. If the injuries are not the fault of the plaintiff and are not as a result of the plaintiff’s personal negligence, the chances are higher for successful qualification and application approval for lawsuit funding as a loan alternative. Road accidents are one of the major causes of lawsuits related to physical injury in California, both for drivers and passengers alike. Often times, elderly victims and young minor passengers can also be detrimentally impacted by such personal injury accidents.

Legal Financing for Car, Truck, Motorcycle, Bus, Bicycle & Pedestrian Accidents in Los Angeles

Car, automobile, bicycle, motorcycle, trucking and pedestrian accidents all qualify for pre-settlement and post-settlement lawsuit funding. Such accidents can also result in wrongful death. Claims based on wrongful death as a result of driver negligence can be eligible for legal financing by High Rise Financial. We also offer our clients the opportunity to receive medical care through our funding such as surgery funding. In general, auto collisions in California occur in transited highways. It is not uncommon for devastating injuries to occur on highways and freeways, where necessary caution is sometimes not exercised. Many of our clients obtain legal financing for their case, similar to a lawsuit loan or cash advance, in connection with a car crash at I-15, I-5, or I-10. Interstate 15 serves the areas East of LA and Las Vegas. In this interstate, unfortunately, auto crashes are often times caused by texting motorists and drivers under the influence.

Interstate 5 runs along the Pacific Coast. Los Angeles and San Diego are connected by the I-5. The road layout of the I-5 is complex. At Interstate 5, car crashes may be caused by drivers who are constantly changing lanes.

Interstate 10 poses the highest risk for drivers. This interstate starts in Santa Monica and connects to LA and Phoenix. Speedy drivers and road congestion are responsible for the vehicle collisions in I-10.

Lawsuit Financing Across California

High Rise Financial offers pre-settlement lawsuit funding throughout California as well as the rest of the United States. Plaintiffs can benefit from the financial resources High Rise Financial provides. Our clients reside in Los Angeles County, Orange County (i.e. Anaheim and Santa Ana), Riverside, Bakersfield, San Jose, Santa Clara, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Fresno, Sacramento, and Oakland.

The application for lawsuit funding in Los Angeles is quick and simple. It can be completed by phone or online. Applicants need to provide their contact information (i.e. name and phone number). The contact information for the lawyer should also be provided. Credit references are not required for the application. In other words, reference verification is not part of the application process. Since High Rise Financial will work closely with your attorney to learn the facts of your case during the underwriters’ review of your application, qualification is determined on a thorough but speedy basis.

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