Lawsuit Funding for Victims of Defective IVC Filters

At High Rise Financial, we provide legal funding for legal cases involving defective IVC filters. An IVC filter is designed to stop blood clots. It is inserted into the inferior vena cava. This medical device has been found to be defective and causes serious side effects including death as a consequence. The device has been so defective it has been observed and reported to break free and travel through the body, causing internal bleeding and wounds.

The FDA has warned doctors to immediately remove the IVC filters as soon as the blood clot has passed. Several types of filters have been found to be defective and cause its victims serious bodily injury and harm. The device can sometimes grow into the vein which makes its retrieval almost impossible. Cardiac issues, pulmonary embolisms, piercing of the rental vein and perforation of the IVC filter can result.  Causation is also easier to prove often times in defective medical device litigation. These filters include the Boston Scientific Greenfield filter, the Cook Celect filter, the Bard G2 filter and the G2 Express filter.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a defective medical device like an IVC filter and are represented by an attorney, contact High Rise Financial to obtain cash legal funding also known as a lawsuit loan or cash advance for your case.

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