Burn Injury Accident Lawsuits

Burn injuries can occur in different ways when an accident occurs. From car, motorcycle, truck, and other vehicular accidents that lead to vehicles catching fire to defective products which lead to chemical, thermal or electrical burns, the burn injuries that result can be serious and painful. Aside from the physical devastation, burn injuries on the surface of the skin can penetrate below, leading to all kinds of damage to fat, muscles, tissue and bone.

Various levels of burns can occur from first degree burns which are superficial to third and fourth degree burns which are more damaging. Third degree burns can destroy and affect nerves and tissues beneath the skin's surface while fourth degree burns can penetrate into the bones.In addition to consequences like swelling, blisters, pain, scars, loss of skin, the corrective medical action needed may require surgery, skin grafts and further painful procedures.

Click here to learn more about the prevalence of burn injuries in the United States according to the American Burn Association. Some findings include that male victims are affected at higher rates than females and that many accidents occur in the home rather than the workplace.

If you or a loved one was injured in an accident that caused you burn injuries and the accident was not caused by you, you may qualify for legal funding. If you have a pending legal claim or have filed a lawsuit with an attorney, contact High Rise Financial today to obtain lawsuit funding for your burn accident. As opposed to a lawsuit loan or cash advance, High Rise Financial carries 100% of the risk and burden when determining whether to give an applicant cash funding. The money is given on a non-recourse basis, which means you only need to pay it back if you win your case or lawsuit.

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