Cash Funding for Legal Personal Injury Cases Taken to Litigation

If you have a current or pending personal injury case that involves medical malpractice, a construction accident, an automobile accident, a dog bite attack, slip and fall or premises liability cause of action, or anything related to a negligent third party causing you a direct injury and harm, your case may qualify for legal cash funding that is similar to a lawsuit loan or cash advance. Cases that are litigated typically take many months to years to resolve (anywhere from 6 months up to 2 years). The increasing cost of litigation and burden of prosecuting your case makes a potential settlement distant and in the far future.

Victims of personal injury accidents who suffer serious injuries like paralysis, burns, broken bones, amputations, orthopedic injuries and more may not have the time or ability to wait to receive their settlement to continue living their daily lives and affording their daily expenses. When a car accident is involved, often times our clients have many fees and expenses to pay and they cannot afford to wait for the insurance company to give in or make a low offer or settlement. In these situations, pre-settlement lawsuit funding makes a lot of sense- especially when the case has a significant potential settlement recovery.

Cash funding for a lawsuit is a popular and convenient option. It allows you a break from stress and worry about how to support your family or loved ones through times of desperation and difficulty, especially where the injuries are life-altering and even permanent. Consider settlement cash lawsuit funding for your case. You can let your attorney know you are interested. We at High Rise Financial will work hand in hand with your attorney of record or law firm to determine whether the facts of your case qualify for a cash loan or funding. Our team of specialists at High Rise are at your disposal with one phone call to (310) 876-8086.

What to Expect If Your Personal Injury Lawsuit Goes to Trial

Even though the vast majority of lawsuits settle before trial, going to trial might be necessary to get you the compensation that you deserve. With the help of pre-settlement lawsuit funding, you can have the cash you need to bring your case to court in an effective way. And, if your case does go to court, here’s what to expect:

Choosing the Jury

Oftentimes, it’s a jury and not a judge that decides the outcome of your personal injury lawsuit. Your trial begins with the process of choosing people to be on the jury. Using a process called voir dire, you can ask potential jurors questions to make sure that they’re impartial and qualified.

Making an Opening Statement

Before trial begins, you will deliver an opening statement, where you give the jury a summary of the case. Each side has a chance to tell the jury what the evidence is going to show and you can describe your theory.

Questioning Witnesses and Submitting Evidence

Next, it’s time to present your case. You can call witnesses to testify on your behalf and you can even take the witness stand yourself. Photographs, videos, documents and animations all come into play at this stage of the trial. Lawsuit funding can help you secure the resources that you need to hire expert witnesses to help the jury understand your side of the story.

Summarizing the Case

After both sides present their evidence, you have an opportunity to summarize the case for the jury. In your closing argument, you review the evidence once again with the jury and hope that they draw favorable conclusions and decide the lawsuit in your favor.

Waiting for a Verdict

Next, it’s time to wait for the jury’s verdict. The judge gives the jury instructions about the law and they make a decision, which can be quick or possibly take several days.

Recovery After the Verdict

When the jury reaches a verdict, they come back to courtroom to announce it. If you have a favorable verdict you can then collect your judgment. With legal funding, you don’t need to wait until this point to have access to a portion of your potential settlement. Right after you apply for legal funding, our team will analyze the facts of your case and can offer you cash well in advance of your lawsuit settlement to help bring your case from start to finish.

Contact High Rise Financial at (866) 407-6404 or apply online. You can apply at any point of your case, even if the case is already in litigation. You may also qualify for post-settlement funding, which is beneficial when there are delays between a verdict and a payout by the insurance company.