Lawsuit Funding for Bicycle Accidents

Inattentive drivers and poor road conditions are a couple of the factors that can lead to bicycle accidents. Because of the significant size difference between bicycles and automobiles (including motorcycles, cars, vans, buses and even trucks), collisions often result in catastrophic injuries. The law allows victims of bicycle accidents to recover compensation for their injuries. Unfortunately, this normally involves a prolonged legal battle. In the meantime, the victim is left unable to work and headed toward financial ruin. High Rise Financial is a legal funding company that offers a financial lifeline to individuals struggling to make ends meet while they pursue their personal injury case.

What is Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Funding?

Pre-settlement lawsuit funding, or legal funding, is a way to receive cash now based on the anticipated settlement in a personal injury case. Funding is completely risk-free and is not a loan. If the case successfully settles, the cash is repaid out of the proceeds of the settlement. If there is no recovery, the money does not have to be paid back! This is a significant distinction from a standard loan or a cash advance, which must be repaid regardless of the outcome.

Types of Bicycle Accident Cases Eligible for Funding

Anyone injured while riding a bike and whose injuries are the result of someone else’s negligence may be eligible for legal funding. For example, a plaintiff who was riding their bike within a designated bike lane and struck by a drunk driver would be eligible for funding since the law would clearly assign liability to the drunk driver. High Rise Financial has provided financial assistance to plaintiffs with injuries ranging from lacerations and soft tissue damage to brain damage and bone fractures.

Benefits of Lawsuit Funding with High Rise Financial

Lawsuit funding is a way to bridge the gap between the time of an accident and when the case is finally settled. High Rise Financial is different from other legal funding companies in that there are never any upfront charges or hidden fees. The application is simple, we don't check your credit and you don't need a job in order to be eligible to apply! Our knowledgeable specialists make all of the necessary arrangements with your attorney and can transfer the cash in as little as 24 hours after approval. There are also no restrictions on how the money can be spent! Clients are free to use the cash to pay their monthly bills or pay back an unrelated debt.

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