Law Firms and Attorneys Can Benefit by Offering Legal Funding to Their Clients

Lawsuit funding for your clients will allow your practice to allocate the proper time and attention to every case so that it can be settled at its full potential value.

Oftentimes, clients have pressing financial needs and as such are unable to wait for their potential settlements. Unfortunately, this can force their attorney to settle their claim for pennies on the dollar.

We take pride in the fact that most of our business comes from law firms who refer their clients to us. Word of mouth is the best compliment we can receive.

We Do All the Work!

  • We will coordinate everything from A to Z with your client.
  • Only one form to fill out for each case manager—we don’t need stacks of paperwork!
  • Easy online process.

Conservative Funding Amounts

We encourage your clients to consider legal funding after they’ve exhausted other means including personal savings, friends or family. High Rise Financial will fund conservative dollar amounts to ensure there are adequate proceeds upon settlement. The goal of funding is to provide your client the ability to cover living expenses and to not interfere with your ability to settle the case.

Avoid Low Settlements

By having enough money to pay the bills, we have seen many clients avoid taking a low settlement to pay the rent or other expenses and wait out the insurance companies for full and fair compensation. Legal funding from High Rise Financial give breathing room to your client so they don’t come across to the insurance companies as desperate, which often results in an increased settlement figure.

We Provide Relief to Your Clients

Do you ever have the weekly call from your clients asking if the insurance company has made an offer? For some clients, it may be more frequently than that. Choosing a non-recourse cash funding from High Rise Financial helps your clients pay basic life necessities. We are here to take the stress off of their shoulders, which should translate into fewer calls fielded about a settlement for you.

Attorneys Benefit from Lawsuit Funding

  • Protection from “ethical issues” as described in the state bar related to self-funding.
  • Protects your after-tax income by allowing us to take the risk for you.
  • Increases law firm cash flow by allowing you to refinance legal funding which are self-funded or by other funding companies.