Alabama's Legal Funding, Lawsuit Loan Alternative

High Rise Financial is a pre settlement funding company that bears less risk for you, the client, than lawsuit loans. High Rise Financial offers lawsuit funding throughout the United States and specifically to personal injury accident victims in Alabama.

What Types of Cases Qualify for Lawsuit Funding?

Automobile accidents involving motorcyclists, pedestrians, cars, trucks, bicyclists and other vehicles can benefit from a lawsuit loan or settlement loan alternative. Legal funding we offer is not a loan or lawsuit cash advance and therefore carries no risk for our clients. Cash funding we provide to our clients is given on a non-recourse basis which means it only needs to be repaid if you are successful or you win your case. A settlement loan or lawsuit loan on the other hand, must be repaid to the lender regardless of the outcome of your case. This is why lawsuit funding with High Rise Financial is a superior, safer and better choice for your legal claim.

We also cover funding for cases involving personal injury accidents stemming from construction accidents, medical malpractice, slip and falls and other premises liability claims, dog bite attacks, defective products causing harm and injury and more. Click for a full list of legal cases and claims that typically qualify for lawsuit funding.

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